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Inquisitor Adella Trevelyan ([personal profile] unlikelyherald) wrote in [community profile] primavista2015-10-14 08:03 pm
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She wakes up often in the middle of the night, now. Sometimes it's phantom pain from the arm she no longer has, other times it's nightmares. Promises of things that Solas wanted to come to pass. Tonight it was a delightful mix of both.

Trying to slip out of the room without waking Cullen can be a challenge, but if she can make it out of bed before he wakes up she just hopes if he notices her gone he just assumes she's run to the water closet. Where she actually goes is outside, down into the training yard, which is entirely abandoned at night. Magic is taught much of the time as a two-handed endeavor. While she can call and fold the Fade around her at will as easily as ever, the motions are a different thing entirely. Wielding a staff is now an awkward thing, because while she does hold it at rest in her right hand, most movements require use of her left hand.

It's already a cool night as most of the nights at Skyhold are, but it's made all the cooler by Adella throwing frozen blasts at the training dummies, attempting to direct them more with her mind than with the motion of her absent left hand.

Anyone looking for her will likely be easily guided of course, by the frustrated cursing as each blast doesn't even come close to its mark.

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