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Siren's Pull Application

Player Information

Name: Varis
Age: 24
AIM SN: harder to kill
email: unknowngoddess[at]
Have you played in an LJ based game before? yarp
Bonus: How did you hear about Siren's Pull? I LIVE HERE

Character Information

Canon Source: Harry Potter
Canon Format: Book
Character's Name: Lily Evans
Character's Age: 18
Conditional: If your character is 13 years of age or under, please clarify how they will be played. n/a

What form will your character's NV take? Lily's NV will come as a small leather-bound enchanted book like this one. She'll be able to tell it if she wants it to display certain entries, or call up certain things on the network, and video posts will appear as moving pictures do in the wizarding world, with added sound. Anything that needs projecting will be projected from the pages themselves, appearing across the top of them. She'll be able to record audio and video herself by telling the book what to do.

Character's Canon Abilities: Lily is an incredibly talented and bright witch. From a very young age she showed excellent control over her magical abilities, even before she had a wand, which is extremely rare, even among wizarding children, and as she's Muggle-born it's even more awe-worthy. With a wand she's a force to be reckoned with, having defied even Lord Voldemort himself on three separate occasions in her post-Hogwarts career.

It's been noted that she was so talented at Potions-making in school she was admitted to Professor Slughorn's Slug Club, which he typically reserves for those of great skill or high breeding. She excelled in most of her other subjects as well, and is more than qualified as a competent witch and a new member of the Order of the Phoenix.

Conditional: If your character has no superhuman canon abilities, what dormant ability will you give them? n/a
Weapons: Her wand, of course. 10ΒΌ" and made of willow. Described as "swishy" and good for Charms work.

Character History: Lily Evans was born into a muggle family, the younger of two daughters. She had a very normal, happy upbringing, and was fairly close with her elder sister, Petunia, and looked up and loved her quite a bit, despite the two of them being very different.

When Lily was 11, the summer before she would be accepted into Hogwarts, she and her sister met a wizarding boy by the name of Severus. Petunia didn't like him one bit and tried to encourage Lily to do the same, although Lily had already at this point realized she wasn't just a normal person, and had more than willingly accepted the inexplicable things that happened when she thought hard enough about it, to a point where she was able to even control some of the oddness.

Severus quickly became her closest friend, and she'd spend hours talking to him out in the woods, learning all about the wizarding world. She always tried to share all the information she was learning with Petunia, but her sister would always shove Lily off and tell her that Severus was lying and pulling her leg, that there was no such thing as Hogwarts. Lily didn't believe her, but she'd always hoped that Petunia would come to accept her magic. At one point in the summer Petunia was discovered to have been eavesdropping on one (possibly more) of Lily and Severus's chat sessions, which resulted in Severus breaking a tree branch by magic and it falling on Petunia, hurting her. Not badly, but it was still enough to upset Lily to the point where she was angry with Severus for a time.

When Lily was ready to leave for Hogwarts, she had made very little leeway in getting Petunia to accept how special her little sister was, despite her best efforts. On the platform waiting for the Hogwarts Express Lily accidentally revealed that she'd seen Petunia's return letter from Dumbledore about being a student at Hogwarts, with the help of Severus. Petunia called Lily a freak after Lily tried to explain herself, which really hurt Lily and her relationship with her sister wasn't quite the same since, although she always tried to win her back, because they were sisters.

Once at Hogwarts, Lily was very quickly sorted into Gryffindor, which shouldn't really have come as a surprise, although she knew Severus would be disappointed, she hoped he'd end up in Gryffindor with her. He didn't, of course.

Lily quickly earned the reputation of being a very outgoing and bold girl, unafraid to state her opinions and eager to learn. She was very good in Potions, and a favourite of Professor Slughorn, and was well-liked by most of the other teachers. She was popular with other students as well, although she tended to try to ignore Potter and his gang, if only because they were always so mean to Severus, who, despite being in different houses and generally being with very different crowds she maintained her close friendship with. Still, it wasn't without its bumps. The Slytherin house was nothing short of nasty, and Lily, being a muggle-born was generally disliked by the rest of Severus's friends. She also had trouble seeing how how they treated other people and abused their magic was any level of okay, and tried to discourage Severus from hanging out with them regularly.

It wasn't until an incident in fifth year, during O.W.L.S that Lily and Severus's friendship came to an abrupt end. She'd been trying to defend him from James Potter and his friends, and Severus called Lily a "Mudblood." She took deep and personal offence to the insult and despite Severus trying to apologise, she wouldn't accept his apology, reasoning that they'd both chosen their ways in life, and it was separating them. That was effectively the end of their friendship.

Lily continued to flourish in Hogwarts, although she was concerned with the efforts outside of the school, and the ongoing problems with You-Know-Who. Somewhere along the way, she decided she was going to do her best to help the cause after she finished school.

In her seventh year she was made Head Girl, and to her surprise James Potter was Head Boy. She'd endured his advances towards her for the past two years at this point, and was starting to get a little tired of him, but he managed to convince her through his actions that he wasn't the same boy who tortured people just for the sake of being cool, and she finally gave in and started dating him. She got along with him and his friends a lot better than she had ever expected to while scowling disapprovingly at their little clique from her own circle of friends before, and she was actually quite happy.

After Hogwarts she continued seeing James and fell in with the Order of the Phoenix. She put to use all the things she learned in Hogwarts, and was always open to learning new things, a useful skill when fighting the Dark Lord. She kept in touch with her sister and parents through all this, even made sure they were present for her marriage to James.

She gave birth to one son, a boy that they named Harry. It was because of her son that Voldemort fixed his sights on her and her husband more viciously than ever before, intent on killing them and their child, due to a Prophecy foretelling a child born to parents who had defied him three times, as the Potters had, being his ultimate downfall. The Potters were forced to go into hiding, but were betrayed by their friend Peter Pettigrew, whom they had trusted as their Secret Keeper, when casting the Fidelius Charm to make their home impossible to find by any means beyond the Secret Keeper himself divulging the information to a person. Peter had secretly become a Death Eater, and thus quickly told Voldemort where he could find the Potters.

On October 31st, 1981, Lily was murdered shortly after her husband by Voldemort, protecting her son Harry.

HERE is a wiki link with a lot more detail.

Point in Canon: I HOWEVER WILL NOT BE TAKING LILY FROM AFTER SHE KICKS THE BUCKET. No, she is fresh out of Hogwarts, off to save the world.
Conditional: Brief summary of previous RP history: n/a

Character Personality: Lily is an incredibly bright and outgoing individual. She was described once as someone who if you met her, you were sure to like her. She's infectious in personality, and it's hard not to be moved by her in some way. She's strong in character, and while in her youth she was a little hesitant and unsure of herself, she quickly grew and flourished into a woman who knew where her loyalties lay, who knew what she truly believed in her heart was right or wrong, and she would fight to the end for her beliefs.

She is, of course, very intelligent, but it's hardly something that comes up in normal conversation. Lily as a person is very down to earth and charming, has a good sense of humour, and has been described as incredibly cheeky. She knows how to push her limits and when to back off.

She's very protective of her friends, and will jump to their aide without them asking for her help, if she thinks she can be of assistance. When necessary she can be authoritative and firm, likely one of the reasons she was made a prefect and later Head Girl during her time at Hogwarts.

When you've wronged her, however, her stubborn side will emerge, and she is very quick to shut a person down, and while she can be swayed, it's not without a great deal of effort on the other person's part. She's unlikely to bend unless someone can show her they're truly apologetic for their ways.

She also tends to make snap judgments of people, and while she does seem like the kind of person who would accept anyone and everyone for who they are, if you come off even the slightest bit abrasive she will usually quickly turn her back on you. Her judgment actually overall sometimes seems like a big problem, because while her heart is generally in the right place, she can often end up trusting the wrong sort of people, or alternately alienating the right sort of people.

She can be a bit vicious, if pushed. Typically she won't lash out unless she's been attacked first, but if you do something to evoke the wrath of Lily Evans you may want to run for the hills because she's got a sharp tongue, and her overall straightforward nature helps her cut directly to the quick. She's also not above using trashy nicknames.

Conditional: Personality development in previous game: n/a
Character Plans: Lily is going to be messing with at least three different people by her presence alone. She's also going to be messed with, to be sure, and it'll be delightful to see her try to work out this thing where her son she hasn't even thought of having yet is practically the same age as her and that her ex bestie is like... WAY older than her. Oh also I'm sure someone will let it slip she's, you know, dead. That'll be awesome. She'll likely have to deal with this while looking for work, because as much as she'd like to get home, she also enjoys living and functioning, so she'll make do however she can.

Appearance/PB: Lily is a very pretty young woman with long, thick dark red hair and brilliant green eyes. She's slender but very healthy, and in good physical condition her complexion is fair, and she burns very easily.
Her PB will be Rachel Hurd-Wood.

Writing Samples

First Person Sample
This has been quite the unusual day, even by my standards. One minute I'm walking to work and the next I'm whisked into the apparent future? And North America, no less! I always said I'd like to visit one day, but I didn't mean quite like this.

I suppose it's fortunate there was someone kind enough to explain what's going on to me. Still, I really would like to get home. I'm pretty sure I forgot to feed the cat this morning and God knows I can't count on James to remember to pop by.

Third Person Sample

Lily sat cross-legged on the bed in her small London flat, balancing a heavy book on her legs with one hand, the other occupied with being a resting place for her chin while she stared down at the words on the page. Some days it felt like she was doing more research outside of school than she ever had in, and not all the subjects were terribly interesting. Tonight's, for example, was a long list of rather mundane regulations she needed to know for her job within the Ministry, half of which she already knew due to her work with the Order of the Phoenix.

Letting out a sigh that turned into a yawn, Lily lifted her eyes away from the book, glancing over at the clock on the wall. Half past eleven. Groaning, she rolled her head to the side to relieve a crick that had been developing, before pushing the heavy cover of the book closed, shoving it off her lap.

"That's enough of that for the night," she muttered, stretching her legs out and over the side of the bed, lifting herself up with the intention of heading to the kitchen for a cuppa before bed. That was, of course, until there was a loud crack from her sitting room and she jumped nearly a foot, automatically drawing out her wand and hurrying in to see just who had apparated into her flat in the middle of the bloody night-

-and standing before her, grinning like an idiot, was her boyfriend, James. Simultaneously relieved and annoyed, she put her wand away. Giving him a weary look she rolled her eyes, not entirely able to keep a slight smile from tugging at her lips.

"How many times have I told you to just use the damn door?"

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