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Transmigration 9 Application

Your name: Varis
Your LJ: offensive
Your email: unknowngoddess[at]gmail.com
Your AIM, MSN, or Yahoo handle: AIM: harder to kill

Character's name: Claire Redfield
Character's LJ: redfield (I'm also using this journal for daisychainrpg, I figured it'd be fine since trans_9 isn't journal-based, but if it's not let me know, I've got like a million Claire journals, I just thought it'd be cheaper to have my paid account for both comms :x )
Character's canon: Resident Evil
Brief (around 300 words) personality outline of your character: Claire Redfield is a strong and confidant young woman. She handles crisis well, with a clear mind and a level head. Her concerns always lie with those who are less capable of defending themselves, and while she herself doesn't exactly consider herself a fighter, there is an obvious quality of kickass to the way she handles herself. She doesn't put up with bullshit, regardless of who it's coming from, and if she thinks what you're doing is stupid or wrong, you'll hear about it.

Claire has a big heart, and feels compelled to reach out and protect others. As a result of this, she comes off as very mothering towards children and the occasional obnoxious teenage boy. If you prove to her you can handle yourself, she won't doubt you, and she works incredibly well with others, regardless of the situation. Despite her trust in people to handle themselves she can very easily develop a guilty conscious, due to not being able to help someone, or unable to prevent something from happening. She will try to do everything she can to right whatever she sees as wrong, but this can distract her at times.

When Claire has a goal in mind, she is able to pursue it with a determination that is only rivaled by her brother. One could say that the Redfields are like-minded and incredibly stubborn individuals, but Claire generally differs from her brother in subtle ways, being she's a little bit better at avoiding conflict than he is. Not much, if you piss her off she will likely punch you in the face and then hold a grudge about it, but she doesn't snap quite as easily as Chris. Her stubborn streak can get her in trouble of course, because sometimes she can be just too pig-headed to know when to quit or ask for help.

Brief (around 500 words) history and background of your character OR link to a really good wiki page with their history. In either case, explain where they cut off from the timeline: (sorry this is kind of teal deer, she's got a lot of history and I have trouble condensing it :x)

Claire Redfield was just a normal freshman in college. She had her schoolwork, and her slight obsession with motorcycles, and her older brother with whom she was very close. It was her connection with her brother, Chris, which started her on the path she now follows. After not hearing a word from him in well over a month, Claire gets concerned, especially after hearing about all the murders in Raccoon City and the disbanding of S.T.A.R.S. So on September 29th, Claire, finally having enough of waiting, left for Raccoon on her motorcycle.

Upon arrival in Raccoon, she was quick to take note of things being seriously wrong. The city was extremely abandoned, and when she entered a diner she was almost eaten by a zombie. Fortunately as she bolted for the back door a cop by the name of Leon S. Kennedy showed himself, and together they escaped the rapidly growing horde and jumped into a nearby police cruiser. Unfortunately, they crashed the cruiser and were separated by the wreckage of an 18-wheeler that crashed in right behind them, seconds after they escaped the vehicle.

Claire met up with Leon again in the police station although, they quickly split up again in favor of looking for anyone else surviving within the building. Claire happened upon a little girl named Sherry, who she escaped into the sewers with. After losing Sherry for a short time, when Claire found her again she was very sick, infected by the embryo of the G-Tyrant that had been following them (formerly Sherry's father). Having heard of what might happen from Sherry's mother, Claire found the Umbrella labs, in a desperate attempt to save the girl.

Leaving Sherry in a safe room, Claire moved through the Labs alone, gathering the necessary ingredients to create the DEVIL vaccine. Her time was cut short by the self-destruct sequence in the building activating. Narrowly escaping to the emergency train, Claire met up with Leon again and quickly administered the vaccine to Sherry. The little girl awoke, and Claire thought that maybe the nightmare was finally over when a jolt shook the train and yet another self-destruct detonated.

It was Birkin again, and while Leon attempted to fight it off alone Claire attempted to stop the train, although she was unable to get into the driver's cab, as that door had also sealed. Sherry crawled in through the grating, and Claire ended up having to make an escape to the underside of the train as Birkin's massive shape pressed through the car. Sherry succeeded in stopping the train in time, and the trio finally made it to safety as they left Raccoon City behind.

Claire parted ways with Leon and Sherry, pressed on by her need to find her brother and trusting Leon to take care of the girl, she disappeared. Three months later she resurfaced in Umbrella's Paris Facility, looking for information on her brother's whereabouts. After a chase, Claire was apprehended, and sent to Umbrella's secluded island prison, Rockfort. Things were quick to go to hell there, as well, when a team attacked the island, unleashing the T-Virus on the unsuspecting prisoners and Umbrella employees alike.

She struggled to find an escape route from the island while Alfred Ashford (the proprietor of the prison) dogged her steps, setting traps for her and Steve (the only prisoner other than herself left uninfected). Ultimately, after facing down with "Alexia" Alfred's "Twin Sister" who turned out to be Alfred in drag, Steve and Claire escaped Rockfort on an old seaplane.

They weren't free of Alfred's tricks, however, and he locked the autopilot of the plane they were flying, redirecting it to an Antarctic Umbrella facility. They were able to escape the facility with aid of some incomplete digging done in the facility, in addition to a large snow CAT. Unfortunately, they were turned over by a mysterious tentacle in the snow, and dragged back to the base. Claire was strung up behind a staircase while Steve was taken somewhere else.

Chris arrived shortly afterward, and cut her free. The sibling's reunion was cut short by Alexia (who Claire was shocked to discover was a real person) who taunted Claire and then separated the siblings. Claire went on ahead to try and find Steve and help him, but when she did find him, it was too late. Alexia had injected him with her personal cultivation of the T-Virus, the T-Veronica. He mutated, and chased her down the hall of the room she'd found him in. She escaped, but was ultimately trapped in an enclosed space just beyond, when more roots came shooting from the walls and bound her while waiting for the creature that had been Steve to break through and finish her off.

There was some bit of Steve left in that monster, though, and he cut the root holding her, at the cost of his own life. Steve died, human again, in Claire's arms. Chris happened upon them later, freeing Claire and leading her out of the facility, finally the end in sight.

Seven years after the incidents in Raccoon, Claire traveled to Havardville to visit an old friend from within Terra Save, when things went horribly wrong in the airport she landed in. An outbreak occurred, and Claire was unfortunate enough to be right in the middle of the incident. She holed up in an office with the senator Ron Davis, a flight attendant, and the young niece of Claire's friend, a little girl named Rani, who lost her parents in an outbreak in India. After Claire called 911 on her cell phone they proceed to settle in and wait until they heard gunshots, and shortly after a scream.

Claire, not being the kind of person to leave someone who needs help to die, ventured out into the hall again, armed only with an umbrella. She ends up running into Leon S. Kennedy, who she then leads back to the office the others were hidden in.

Once they are evacuated from the airport, Claire notices WilPharma trucks arriving on the scene. Outraged that the company has the gall to come to the sight she suspects they contaminated, she starts yelling at people, only to discover that WilPharma had actually been working on a cure for the T-Virus, and had succeeded. The trucks were full of the stuff, and Claire was hit hard by the guilt that if it hadn't been for TerraSave, the vaccine would have been readily available when the outbreak occurred.

Things don't go smoothly, however, when bombs planted on the trucks are detonated, and all the vaccine supply is destroyed. Leon deduces that whoever is orchestrating the situation may try to destroy the research data on the vaccine as well, and Claire figures out that Curtis Miller is the likely suspect behind the demands for the Government to come clean about their involvement with the Raccoon Incident.

When Frederic, the head researcher of WilPharma leaves to go check on the research data, Claire offers to go with him, somewhat in an attempt to make amends for her own involvement in TerraSave's causing trouble for WilPharma. She discovers while there, that they have been keeping the G-Virus, in addition to the T-Virus, and she is quick to contact Leon while Frederic seemingly goes to check on the server which he claims is having trouble.

While she's on the phone with Leon a bomb goes off, and she's knocked unconscious.

When she comes to, much of the building has been destroyed, and she has a shard of glass embedded in her leg. She binds her injury best she can, and attempts to escape. Again, she runs into Leon who came due to concern for her after they were unexpectedly cut off. He helps her down to the lower level, and instructs her to escape.

She instead goes up to the central control office, and shuts off the A/C, which will supposedly decrease the air pressure of the dome and cause the ceiling to collapse, which will help Leon out somehow. It made sense to her.

Once she sees Leon and Angela are safe, she gets ready to leave, although she notices that the cameras around the building were recording all of G-Curtis's moves. Deducting that Ron Davis was behind the outbreak and everything she goes and confronts him, only to be proven wrong by Leon.

Together the pair go to confront the real diabolical mastermind, Frederic. He's arrested, and Leon and Claire part ways again, with promises to meet up someplace more normal.

Sample post (just a general, everyday, puttering-around-the-ship post; please include a snippet of dialogue):

Claire shifted uncomfortably as she walked through the city streets, nowhere near used to the weird clothing provided, or the city in general. She was still very new to to place, and wasn't finding the answers provided to her satisfactory.

"Stuck here to serve a higher purpose," she muttered to herself, pulling on the collar of the suit. It wasn't uncomfortable per say, she was used to wearing turtlenecks, but it was weird and something she wasn't used to. Being largely a creature of habit, this whole situation was completely jarring for her.

Of course she imagined it was jarring for others too. Sighing, she slowed her walk somewhat, looking around her. Maybe it wasn't so bad, at least there weren't any zombies shuffling through the city. It occured to her a beat after that she probably shouldn't be thinking that, since whatever had stuck her here might get funny ideas. But then it struck her as funny she was thinking of someone reading her mind.

Caught up in her loop of funny thoughts she rounded a corner, and glanced up by chance, spotting a couple people heading her way. It took her a second, before she put a smile on and lengthened her stride again, one arm coming up in a tentative wave.

"Hey, I'm.. kinda new around here, could any of you point me to a bathroom?"
If the character has magic, mutant, or otherwise metahuman abilities, please explain what they are and outline EXACTLY how they function, as their powers may not work due to the nature of the ship or may need to be limited somehow: Claire is 100% normal human, she's got no special abilities of any kind.

Non-superhuman special abilities of note (Is your character a master ventriloquist? A naturally-occurring super-genius? The best martial artist in the world? Say so here): Claire is, while for all intents and purposes a regular civilian, gifted with a nimbleness that has saved her neck many times in outbreak situations. She is fast enough that she can outrun a helicopter shooting automatic fire at her, a crack shot, and a fairly skilled lockpicker. She's passable with a knife, thanks to her big overprotective brother teaching her the basics of hand-to-hand combat. She's also got one hell of a roundhouse kick.

Combat skills aside, Claire is also a bit of a motorcycle nut, and could probably build one from spare parts.

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