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Daisychain RPG Application

[OOC Information]
Name: Varis
Age: 23
AIM / E-mail / LiveJournal: harder to kill/
unknowngoddess@gmail.com/ offensive
Have you seen Cloverfield? Yes!
Where did you hear about Project Daisychain? I AM IN ZE GAME! :0
Would you like to sign up for our Welcome Program? in the game~

[IC Information]
Character Name: Claire Redfield
Series: Resident Evil
Gender: Female
Age: 26
Species: Human
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Appearance: Claire is a striking young woman with soft, delicate facial features and clear blue eyes. She stands at 5'8 1/2" and has a feminine figure, slightly toned from casual workouts. Her skin is quite pale, sparingly dotted with freckles, and with too much sun she'll resemble a lobster. Her hair is a deep auburn color, and while she almost always wears it pulled back in a ponytail, unbound it would fall just shy of halfway down her back. When she comes to Manhattan, she will have a fresh injury on her leg, causing her to limp.

She typically dresses in layers, a simple-colored shirt or turtleneck with a vest or jacket layered over it, and she favors comfortable pants and jeans. The clothes she chooses are always functional, and tend somewhat towards the pink end of things, although for such a feminine and girly color, she still manages to make it look hardcore.

Personality: Claire Redfield is a strong and confidant young woman. She handles crisis well, with a clear mind and a level head. Her concerns always lie with those who are less capable of defending themselves, and while she herself doesn't exactly consider herself a fighter, there is an obvious quality of kickass to the way she handles herself. She doesn't put up with bullshit, regardless of who it's coming from, and if she thinks what you're doing is stupid or wrong, you'll hear about it.

Claire has a big heart, and feels compelled to reach out and protect others. As a result of this, she comes off as very mothering towards children and the occasional obnoxious teenage boy. If you prove to her you can handle yourself, she won't doubt you, and she works incredibly well with others, regardless of the situation.

When Claire has a goal in mind, she is able to pursue it with a determination that is only rivaled by her brother. One could say that the Redfields are like-minded and incredibly stubborn individuals, but Claire generally differs from her brother in subtle ways, being she's a little bit better at avoiding conflict than he is. Not much, if you piss her off she will likely punch you in the face and then hold a grudge about it, but she doesn't snap quite as easily as Chris.

Abilities: Claire is, while for all intents and purposes a regular civilian, gifted with a nimbleness that has saved her neck many times in outbreak situations. She is fast enough that she can outrun a helicopter shooting automatic fire at her, a crack shot, and a fairly skilled lockpicker. She's also passable with a knife, thanks to her big overprotective brother teaching her the basics of hand-to-hand combat. She's also got one hell of a roundhouse kick.

Combat skills aside, Claire is also a bit of a motorcycle nut, and could probably build one from spare parts.

Weaknesses: Claire trusts too easily. While she initially will hold some wariness when encountering a new person in a strange situation, she chooses to believe in the overall good of people and will take them to heart if they come off as a genuine person, even if deep down they have ulterior motives. This can get her in trouble sometimes.

She will also very easily develop a guilty conscious, due to not being able to help someone, or unable to prevent something from happening. She will try to do everything she can to right whatever she sees as wrong, but this can distract her at times.

Her stubborn streak can also get her in trouble, because sometimes she can be just too pig-headed to know when to quit or ask for help.

Manhattanite or outsider? outsider
History: Claire Redfield was just a normal freshman in college. She had her schoolwork, and her slight obsession with motorcycles, and her older brother with whom she was very close. It was her connection with her brother, Chris, which started her on the path she now follows. After not hearing a word from him in well over a month, Claire gets concerned, especially after hearing about all the murders in Raccoon City and the disbanding of S.T.A.R.S. So on September 29th, Claire, finally having enough of waiting, left for Raccoon on her motorcycle.

Upon arrival in Raccoon, she was quick to take note of things being seriously wrong. The city was extremely abandoned, and when she entered a diner she was almost eaten by a zombie. Fortunately as she bolted for the back door a cop by the name of Leon S. Kennedy showed himself, and together they escaped the rapidly growing horde and jumped into a nearby police cruiser. Unfortunately, there was a zombie in the back seat, and distracted by trying not to get bitten, Leon crashed the cruiser into a telephone pole. And then an eighteen-wheeler crashed into the cruiser, just moments after Leon and Claire spotted it and jumped from the car on either side. Separated, the duo made their way through the infested streets of Raccoon to the Police Station.

In the police station, while the duo did manage to meet up again, they quickly split up again in favor of looking for anyone else surviving within the building. Claire happened upon a little girl named Sherry, who was convinced she was being chased by a monster. Claire spent a good deal of time trying to track down the little girl in order to protect her, crossing paths a few times with the twisted Chief Irons. After an altercation with the Chief which left him dead from some mysterious creature bursting from him while he cornered Claire in his underground lair, Claire and Sherry made their way into the sewer system, Leon trailing somewhere behind them.

In the sewers, Claire lost Sherry again, and searched frantically for the girl. When she found her, she had the misfortune of having to face off against a rather large crocodile, but she prevailed, and took Sherry to relative safety, coming out in an abandoned factory. Sherry grew ill as they progressed, and Claire feared it was because of what she had heard from Sherry's mother when she'd encountered the woman in her search to find Sherry previously, something about Sherry's father injecting himself with the G-Virus, and needing a host with similar DNA to his own to reproduce. Claire also had to fight the monster that had once been Sherry's father off at least once when the creature attacked as Claire took Sherry to the Umbrella labs where a cure to her affliction lay.

Leaving Sherry in a safe room, Claire moved through the Labs alone, gathering the necessary ingredients to create the DEVIL vaccine, and save Sherry. Her time was cut short by Annette activating the self-destruct sequence in the building, and Claire had to call Leon over the radio and ask him to get Sherry to safety while she would meet them at the train. Claire ran into Birkin yet again, and again tried to finish him for good. Reaching the train with just seconds to spare, Claire had to make a jump onto the moving car, meeting up with Leon again and quickly administering the vaccine to Sherry, praying it wasn't too late. The little girl awoke, and Claire thought that maybe the nightmare was finally over when a jolt shook the train and yet another self-destruct detonated.

It was Birkin again, and while Leon attempted to fight it off alone (not by choice, the door sealed after he passed through) Claire attempted to stop the train, although she was unable to get into the driver's cab, as that door had also sealed. Sherry crawled in through the grating, and Claire ended up having to make an escape to the underside of the train as Birkin's massive shape pressed through the car. Sherry succeeded in stopping the train in time, and the trio finally made it to safety as they left Raccoon City behind.

Claire parted ways with Leon and Sherry, pressed on by her need to find her brother and trusting Leon to take care of the girl, she disappeared. Three months later she resurfaced in Umbrella's Paris Facility, looking for information on her brother's whereabouts. After a chase, Claire was apprehended, and sent to Umbrella's secluded island prison, Rockfort. Things were quick to go to hell there, as well, when a team attacked the island, unleashing the T-Virus on the unsuspecting, prisoners and Umbrella employees alike. Rockfort was made into Claire's own personal hell, and her only company and chance of escape lay in a seventeen-year-old boy named Steve.

After sending an email to Leon detailing her location, Claire worked on gaining Steve's trust, although that was easier said than done, especially when Alfred Ashford, the psychopathic proprietor of the Rockfort facility decided that Claire was personally responsible for the whole strike against the island, in addition to a run-in with Chris's old boss, Albert Wesker. She struggled to find an escape route from the island while Alfred dogged her steps, setting traps for her and Steve. Ultimately, after facing down with "Alexia" Alfred's "Twin Sister" who turned out to be Alfred in drag, Steve and Claire escaped Rockfort on an old seaplane. Claire had the misfortune of having to fight a Tyrant which she'd shaken off earlier after Alfred had released it. It had managed to get onto the aircraft as they took off, and only by launching a box at it and pushing it out over the edge Claire was able to remove the threat of the Tyrant for good.

They weren't free of Alfred's tricks, however, and he locked the autopilot of the plane they were flying, redirecting it to an Antarctic Umbrella facility. The plane crashed into the facility, and the duo was quick to discover that the outbreak that had contaminated Rockfort had spread to this facility. They were able to escape the facility with aid of some incomplete digging done in the facility, in addition to a large snow CAT. As they attempted to make their escape again, Alfred attempted to stop them, only to be shot to death by Steve. After an altercation with the warped and mutated monster that had once been the father of Alexia and Alfred Ashford, Claire and Steve thought they were home free. Unfortunately, they were turned over by a mysterious tentacle in the snow, and dragged back to the base. Claire was strung up behind a staircase while Steve was taken somewhere else.

Claire had no idea how she would escape, but Chris arrived shortly afterwards, and cut her free. The sibling's reunion was cut short by Alexia (who Claire was shocked to discover was a real person) who taunted Claire and then separated the siblings. Claire went on ahead to try and find Steve and help him, but when she did find him, it was too late. Alexia had injected him with her personal cultivation of the T-Virus, the T-Veronica. He mutated, and chased her down the hall of the room she'd found him in. If she had been a beat slower, he would have cut her clean in two, and while she escaped she was ultimately trapped in an enclosed space just beyond, when more roots came shooting from the walls and bound her while waiting for the creature that had been Steve to break through and finish her off.

There was some bit of Steve left in that monster, though, and he cut the root holding her, at the cost of his own life as it threw him into the wall with violent force. Slowly transforming back into his human self, Steve died in Claire's arms. Chris happened upon them later, freeing Claire and leading her out of the facility, finally the end in sight. As they made their escape, Alexia tried to stop them again, and Chris sent Claire ahead while he faced her down alone. Claire was making her way out when she was caught and held by Wesker, who was waiting for Chris to show himself. The two had an altercation, while Chris ordered Claire to run for his jet.

She wouldn't leave without him, but the whole place was starting to explode around them, when Chris came flying out the exit and landed rather ungracefully on the nose of the plane. The siblings then finally escaped, leaving the ruined facility behind to explode in upon itself.

When they returned to America, the collapse of Umbrella had begun, although it was far from the end of their work. Separating again, Chris pursued a career with the B.S.A.A., while Claire joined a non-governmental organization called TerraSave, dedicated to assisting the families of Bioterrorism victims. Her job lay primarily in research, and she more or less became married to her work, feeling like they were genuinely doing good within TerraSave, exposing companies that were either off-shooting from Umbrella's research or working on their own counter-productions to compete on the Black Market. Umbrella may have been finished, but Bioterrorism was still at an all-time high.

[[lol spoilers for Degeneration here]]

Seven years after the incidents in Raccoon, Claire traveled to Havardville to visit an old friend from within TerraSave, when things go horribly wrong in the airport she lands in. An outbreak occurred, and Claire was one of very few people within the airport who knew exactly what to do. She initially took control of the situation, having the extreme misfortune of having to watch the useless ass of one of WilPharma's CEOs, Ron Davis, while suspecting him to be behind the outbreak due to WilPharma being one of TerraSave's primary objectives in connection to Bioterrorism. Calling 911 she alerted the outside world to what had happened, which prompted a special agent being brought into the case.

After leaving Davis with the little girl Rani who was the niece of the friend Claire was meeting locked in a relatively safe room, Claire ventured out on her own after hearing someone clearly alive scream from somewhere in the building. Armed with only an umbrella, she ended up running into the special team that had come to contain the situation, and face to face with one Leon S. Kennedy, whom she hadn't seen since Raccoon City.

Together the reunited survivors are thrown into what seems to be a rather similar situation to their past, although it turns out that WilPharma is not actually to be blamed for the outbreak. Claire discovers that the company has actually been trying to cultivate a cure, and if not for her own lobbying as well as the efforts of TerraSave, the cure may have been developed that much sooner. The outbreak in the airport contained, Claire is free to doubt the cause she's put so much into over the years, but things don't really quiet down from there. Claire goes with one of the WilPharma executives, Frederick, to the company for a tour, and while she's there Curtis Miller, a former member of TerraSave who had been arrested for rather radical behavior, appeared, and set off a bomb.

Leon happened to be on the phone with Claire at the time, so he came and found her, injured but alive. There wasn't much time to lose, however, as there was a much larger explosion about to go off within the building, and Claire attempted to stop it, despite not really having any idea what she was doing.

Failing that, they did manage to escape the building, and went to confront Frederick, who it turned out was selling the T-Virus vaccine as well as the Viruses themselves, due to WilPharma's headquarters being destroyed he was the only person with samples in his possession. He's arrested, and eventually Claire and Leon part ways again, this time promising to meet up again soon.

First-person POV journal sample: Thank God for a live internet connection. I don't know what happened here, an outbreak, someone's pet tarantulas having a serious growth spurt? I'm holed up in the 18th Precinct, papers say I'm in New York City. There are creatures outside, I've barricaded the door so they can't get in, at least right now. There doesn't seem to be another way out, though, save for scaling rooftops.

If there is anyone out there who can see this, I need backup, ASAP. my name is Claire Redfield.
Third-person POV rp sample: It had been a long day, and Claire was looking at another long ride ahead of her. It was understandable that she would drift off to sleep after filling Rani and her aunt in on whatever necessary details there were about the taxing day behind her.

Jolting awake to a sharp jab in her side and the feel of cold concrete on her back wasn't something she understood, however. She winced and opened her eyes, looking for whatever might have struck her-

-and promptly gasped, finding the speed despite her discomfort to scramble backwards and onto her feet, just as some unnatural creature snapped its jaws towards where she'd been a moment before. Breathing hard she backed away from it, her heart pounding in her ears along with her head, making it difficult to focus. The creature seemed to be sizing her up again as she stumbled backwards, tripping over an unseen obstacle and falling hard on her backside. Letting out a scream the creature lunged for her again, just as Claire took note of what she'd tripped over -a broken metal pipe- and grabbed it, swinging it across the creature's skull just as it got close enough, knocking it away and she scrambled to her feet again, running for the opening she saw.

Only to see that the creature had brought friends.

"Oh shit." Glancing around, for another chance of escape, Claire saw the door up some stairs to her right, and hoping to God the door was open she sprinted for it, ignoring the protest of the injury on her leg. She hit the door, found it unlocked, and flew through it, spinning around and slamming it shut behind her, before immediately grabbing the heavy wooden bench set off to the side and hauling it in front of the door. Breathing hard she looked around, trying to get her bearings.

She was in a police station. She couldn't help the scowl that crossed her face at the sudden sense of deja vu, and she moved further in, pausing to pick up a newspaper that was left laying on a desk.

"The New York Times? I'm in New York?" How was that possible? She moved around, looking for something that would prove she was still somewhere near Harvardville, when she finally noticed the large insignia stamped into the floor, boasting she was inside the 18th Precinct of New York City.

"...What. The. Hell."

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