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Canon Character Application
Player Name: Varis
Player LJ: [livejournal.com profile] offensive
Player Instant Messenger Type and Handle: AIM/ harder to kill
Player Email: unknowngoddess[at]gmail.com
Player is over 16 years of age, Y/N?: Y

Character: Elle Holloway
Fandom: Silent Hill: Homecoming
Personality: Elle is a fairly smart forward thinking individual, despite the rather conservative upbringing she's had. She doesn't let her mother push the ideals of the Order on her, and she has a firm belief of right and wrong. She follows her gut instinct when something seems off or wrong, and that's probably what kept her alive while Shepherd's Glen went to hell in a handbasket.

She isn't the type to duck and cover, even if she is not a fighter, she will stand for things she believes in, and as scared as she might be she won't let that stop her if she's set her mind on accomplishing something.

She's very compassionate, and people are easily drawn to her, because she's a very down-to-earth girl with a good sense of humor, capable of being a little bit sassy when she wants to be, if she isn't scared out of her mind. She isn't without her cynicism, of course, and she is prone to frustration, her feelings easily hurt. She bounces back well enough, however, and will apologize for her behavior. Most of the time.

She's also a bit of a klutz.

History: Elle Holloway was born the eldest daughter to Margaret Holloway and her husband, followed several years later by Nora, in the town of Shepherd's Glen. Growing up she was well-known, being the Judge's daughter and a member of one of the founding families, but she never really payed much of the town's legends or the importance of her bloodline. She grew up close to Alex Shepherd, a boy whose ancestors were also one of the founding families of Shepherd's Glen. When they got to high school, he initially tried to ignore her, but she wouldn't exactly stand for that and they were quickly inseparable again. Through high school Alex would stay over at Elle's often, and spent most of his time at the Holloway's because his parents didn't exactly care where he was, at that point.

The summer after graduation, however, everything changed. Towards the end of the summer, shortly after the city's anniversary, Alex left town without saying goodbye to Elle. She was hurt that he'd left without a word, but wasn't exactly given time to stew in it when things started turning over throughout the town. People started to go missing, and the town was always gray and gloomy.

Elle's little sister, Nora, ended up among the missing, which drove a rift between Elle and her parents. Her father retreated into himself and didn't come out much, and her mother was always too busy for her one remaining child.

Somewhat discouraged by this behavior, Elle spent her days in and out, exploring the town and trying to determine why things seemed so distinctly wrong to her. The changes happened gradually over four years, although on the anniversary of when the disappearances had first started, things started getting so much worse.

Elle started working with one of the library assistants, printing up fliers of all those missing and putting them up on the bulletin board out front the police station. Eventually the library assistant disappeared to, and while at first it was just her, she eventually formed an alliance with the Deputy in charge since Sheriff Shepherd had gone missing, Wheeler. Day in and day out Elle would go to the library, make new fliers, and put them up, regularly checking in with Wheeler, despite the fact that he eventually holed himself up in the station and told her to lock herself up somewhere safe as well.

She didn't, because despite the fact that she was terrified and didn't know what was going on, she wasn't going to stop trying to find the missing people.

Things finally changed when Alex came back to town, unexpectedly and unannounced. While Elle was happy to see him, she was still a little hurt from his speedy departure four years before. Still, when he insisted to go in search of his little brother (also among the missing, supposedly) Elle didn't stop him, giving him the radio Wheeler had given her (and somehow obtaining another one through z-space...)

She continued to put up fliers while Alex went off, but was interrupted by something big and creepy stalking her. She ran from it, and called for help on her radio, thankfully getting Alex immediately. He told her to run to the police station's garage and they'd meet her there, and while Alex did get there, it wasn't before the creature chasing her had picked up the police car she'd hidden in and tossed it across the lot.

Alex killed the creature while Elle pulled herself from the wreckage, and together they escaped into the sewers. In the sewers Elle proved herself very useful in turning valves and reading maps, although at one point near the end of the sewer they were separated, and Elle was attacked. She managed to escape, but dropped her radio in the process. After heading to the town hall, and then home in an attempt to find her mother and confront her about the weird happenings, she was unable to locate the woman, so she next made her way to Alex's house, where he luckily was.

They reunited with Wheeler who they thought they'd lost in the police station, and together the trio went to Silent Hill, to discover what was going on with Shepherd's Glen. After a brief chat session in which they hypothesized about why their parents never allowed them to go to Silent Hill, the boat was ambushed, and Elle and Wheeler were captured, and brought to Silent Hill's Toluca Prison.

Elle was quickly dragged off into one of the torture chambers set up, and was made tragically aware of the fact that it was her mother who had caused everything that had happened, that she had killed Nora in an attempt to pacify the gods that watched over Shepherd's Glen. She tried to get Elle to understand why she would do such horrible things, but Elle refused to accept what her mother had become.

She was tied up, and left alone in a room for a while, until Curtis the handyman came along with a circular saw. Terrified for her life, Elle screamed for help, and lucky for her Alex came to her rescue. She caught up with him, and confirmed he'd learned the same things she had about their parents, before they continued on through the prison in an attempt to find Wheeler.

They found him, clinging to life with knives stuck into his chest, and attempted to help him. Alex told Elle to get Wheeler and herself out of Silent Hill while they could, and continued on to search for Joshua.

Elle did what she could, and escaped, fortunately just as Alex escaped as well. Together they made their way out of Silent Hill.

A link to an image of the character: http://images3.wikia.nocookie.net/silent/images/4/4a/Elle_in_game.JPG
Sample log entry: Closing her eyes didn't do much to block out what she'd seen on and off for months now. It all came crashing down, and the creatures had been everywhere, but it was over now, right? It had to be. Elle opened her eyes again, after sagging against the cold prison wall for a long moment, and continued on, relatively unharmed, which was miraculous considering what she'd been through. After making sure Wheeler would survive she'd tried to go after Alex, but she hadn't been able to figure out which way he'd gone.

She then tried to find any other survivors from their town, but it was a vain attempt. So she'd turned to the exit, or where she hoped it was, and made her way back through the prison, avoiding looking into rooms where she knew people she'd grown up around had breathed their last. Her expression was blank, tired, worn down. She'd been living in a dream and it was more than time to wake up, but she couldn't manage it. Every time she tried pinching herself or just wishing really hard, she was still here. Still in Silent Hill.

Reaching the gate to the prison she pulled the automatic release, almost without thinking, walking out the front door, eyes cast towards the ground, although they quickly looked up when she noticed a figure climbing up from a manhole.

Sample journal entry: Hello? Hello? Is this thing working?

Alex? Wheeler? Anyone? I'm not... really sure where I am. Which, after the day I've had, is really not where I want to be. I want to know exactly where I am, exactly where my friends are, and not have to deal with anymore mysteries for at least two hours.

Is anyone even paying attention to this? Probably not, just like my blog.

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