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Application for Hellpointe;


Player Info
Player Name: Varis
Player LJ: [ profile] offensive
Player Instant Messenger Type and Handle: AIM: harder to kill
Player Email: unknowngoddess[at]
Are you 18 years of age or older? yup. i'm 25

Character Info
Character Name: Lucy Stillman
Character’s Age: 25
Fandom: Assassin's Creed
Timeline: post-Brotherhood, after the second-flash sequence at the end of the credits showing her with her hand on the Apple.

Lucy is a relatively petite woman who looks completely harmless. She's got light blue eyes and soft features which she rarely accentuates with much makeup beyond some whore red lipstick. She's not overly tall, probably only about 5'3", and while she is thin, it's a toned thin that comes from years of physical training. She has long blonde hair, though she almost always wears it pulled back in a bun, and she tends to go for the minimalist side of things when dressing herself. When she shows up in Bell Pointe she'll be wearing her basic jeans and white shirt, with her brown bomber jacket.

History: Not much is known about Lucy Stillman before her college days, although it's likely she grew up in a compound not unlike the one Desmond was raised in, as she's the only other one in present day timeline that's referred to as a ~proper~ assassin, and she's obviously got some kind of seniority over the others, as well as the groups depending on her for information and direction.

However, like most of the Assassins we meet in Ezio's timeline, Lucy had a life outside the creed. She was a brilliant student, and her mind took her dangerous places. After her studies in cognitive neuroscience forced her out of college, she did what she could to find herself a job. And a job ended up finding her. She was contacted by Warren Vidic of Abstergo industries, a Templar company.

For three years she helped Vidic with the Animus project, up until Abstergo decided that she was a liability and sent three men to kill her. Lucy was caught off-guard, and would have been dead if Vidic hadn't stepped in, calling the men off because he felt Lucy was a valuable employee.

This, however, trapped Lucy. She owed Vidic for saving her life, and so she worked by his side while he tortured Subject 16, drove him insane with the Animus, eventually killing himself, painting the walls and floors with his own blood. After the Denver incident in which the piece of Eden the Templars previously held had been destroyed, they required a way to find a new piece of Eden, but with Subject 16 dead, they needed a new subject. And so, Desmond Miles came into Lucy's life.

Lucy was determined, not only to keep Desmond safe and alive, but to get them both out of Abstergo before the Templars were able to use his memories for what they needed. She did her job, as usual, but all the while she subtly dropped hints to Desmond about what was going on, explaining whatever she could when she could. She stalled their progress as much as possible, insisting that Desmond needed breaks so he wouldn't end up like 16.

She started working on getting in touch with the other Assassins, organizing a rescue. She also did what she could to make Desmond more aware of what Abstergo was, outside of what she could tell him in person. She hacked the security feed in his bedroom as well as the lab, and left access codes for him to find, as well as deliberately leaving her code pen behind to give him access to her email account.

Still, things progressed with Desmond's retrieval of Altaïr's memories, and Lucy did her best to keep her cool under the stress of trying to hold off the progression as long as she could while buying the Assassins time to infiltrate. Unfortunately, all the Assassins who came to her call were shot down, leaving rescue down to her, and her alone.

Abstergo got what they needed out of Desmond, and they were to dispose of him, but Lucy was able to think quickly and come up with a totally bullshit reason for them to keep Desmond alive. Vidic took Lucy with him and they left Desmond behind in the labs.

Presumably in this time, Lucy was either dismissed or she just went home for a boob job change and to get in touch with her associates in one of the Assassin hideouts.

Either way, she bursts back in hours later, dressed to kill, literally, splattered with blood, and completely void of the typical gentleness she tried to treat Desmond with. She shoved him in the Animus, downloaded the memory core, and dragged him off. He asked a bunch of dumb questions that she half-answered, and then she kicked a lot of ass and was generally impressive for a girl who spent the whole first game looking like your typical science nerd chick.

Once they fight their way to the basement, Lucy shoves Desmond into the trunk of her car and takes off to the hideout. The whole drive over, she's trying to figure out how she's supposed to get him to agree to help with everything she's planning, and all that stress ends up for nothing when they arrive and he agrees relatively easily to learn how to be an Assassin.

She introduces him to Shaun and Rebecca, before they get started with the new Animus, teaching Desmond how to be an Assassin by allowing the skills his ancestor Ezio learns to bleed over into him. This process stresses Lucy out, because it's the same thing that drove Subject 16 completely mad, so she's very careful to monitor Desmond's progress. In addition to this, she's also working on getting information out to the other Assassins to attempt to intercept and retrieve the pieces of Eden before Abstergo gets their hands on them. She's kind of the queen of taking on a million different things at once.

The Desmond stuff is at least relatively low-maintenance, because he's a good obedient little science project. She takes him out to test how he's retaining Ezio's abilities, and explains a little more of what's going on as time progresses. She's also learning a surprising amount of new information from the files that Subject 16 encrypted into the Animus's memory.

Eventually, Desmond uncovers within Ezio's memory, some truth that Lucy had been slowly starting to become aware of as she looked through the files herself, an end to the world. They weren't given much time to speculate, however, as Abstergo came down upon them. Lucy had Rebecca and Shaun moving the valuable equipment while she and Desmond went to distract the Templars. Vidic showed up with them, and taunted Lucy about what a disappointment she was, which kind of just pissed her off, though Vidic escaped the fight that ensued.

They were able to escape with the Animus 2.0, moving themselves and the equipment to the villa Auditore in the town Monteriggioni. The villa itself wasn't safe for setup with the Animus, but while the Assassin sanctuary had been sealed off during the siege of Monteriggioni by Ezio centuries ago, Lucy and Desmond were able to find a back route and open it up so they could set up their equipment safely below the reach of cellular towers which Abstergo could use to pinpoint their location.

And back into the Animus Desmond went, to try and discover the location of the Apple that Ezio had had his hands on so long ago. Lucy worked on collating all the data they found, trying to make sense of Subject 16's riddles in addition to keeping in contact with HQ. As events progressed and Desmond got closer to the Apple, Lucy's concern for him increased, in addition to her growing feelings for him. One of the head Assassins she was in contact with kept warning her to stop worrying and to remember everything they were doing was for humanity's salvation, but she was already enforcing more frequent breaks for Desmond again, more and more afraid she was going to lose him the way Subject 16 was lost.

Fortunately, Desmond was able to keep his mind in the present with her help, and he finally discovered where the Apple was hidden. They traveled to the location, though when they finally found it, the second Desmond touched the apple, his DNA activated it, and they were all immobilized. Juno, sensing a threat in Lucy (due to her apparent feelings for him, and Desmond's feelings for her) took control of Desmond's body, and had him stab her with his hidden blade. Though initially it was unknown if Lucy would survive or not, at the very end of the credits she's shown for a brief moment with her hand against the Apple after it rolled from Desmond's hand, and the pool of blood surrounding her disappeared, alluding that the healing abilities of the Apple saved her.

Personality: Lucy is at first glance a kind, cheerful individual. She cares deeply for those around her, makes friends relatively easily, and is, in general, difficult to dislike. This, however, is only a part of her personality. When pushed or under stress she reveals an edgier personality underneath, and will bark out orders or speak with a sharp, pointed tone, making it difficult to ignore what she's saying to you. No matter the situation, she knows how to get attention if she wants it, and she knows how to avoid it. All conditioning of being an Assassin.

All that aside, she doesn't let the stress of what she does and who she is completely overwhelm her at all times, and she finds the room to care for others. She's a natural worrywart, and will go to great lengths to protect anyone she cares about. Personal safety isn't so important to her, though she has a sense of self preservation. A lot of what she does and how she acts can actually be explained away by the Assassin lifestyle, though she's very much her own person. She's got her fears, her beliefs, and her passions.

Working with Abstergo has obviously haunted her, and the things that she had to stand by and help them achieve have at least partially contributed to her feverant need to protect Desmond. She watched them torture and drive Subject 16 mad, and she contributed to it, unable to help him in any way. The guilt from her three years at Abstergo will never be free of her, and while she can put it aside, even when she's smiling there's always that hint of a heavy weight she just can't free herself of.

Once she was away from that place and those people, it did get slightly better. She was able to open up to Desmond a little more, and show him a little more of the person she was, and who she used to be. Of course, time and time again she was reminded, either by her own conscience or by William M.'s not-so-gentle reminders that her goals were to find the Pieces of Eden, to train Desmond for whatever was to come, and to stop the Templars. Still, despite her sense of duty to the Order, every time she heard Desmond screaming in his sleep or he accidentally referred to events that happened in the Animus in present tense, her sense of duty would waiver.

If Desmond himself hadn't started insisting on going back for long hours, Lucy likely would've happily agreed to let him take month-long breaks. She was scared for him, and despite the fact that she'd been hunting and working trying to find the pieces of eden for the assassins for nearly a decade, and it was very much a part of her life, she didn't want to risk his life and sanity to achieve that goal. Everything she'd worked for started to add up to nothing in the face of turning Desmond into the exact thing she'd been trying to save him from. Her driving force started to be more and more about him and less about stopping the Templars. Which was also a big dilemma, because if she didn't push him, they weren't going to be able to save the world, and all that would fall onto her shoulders. She was ultimately backed into a corner of having to do her duty, no matter where that led them.

Powers/Abilities: Lucy is an experienced fighter, quick and agile, able to disarm and disable several security guards within the short span of a few minutes. She seems to specialize in unarmed combat, using an opponent's strength and sometimes their own weaponry against them, though she is of course experienced with standard assassin equipment, as well. As a full-fledged assassin, she's also experienced with free running and parkour, and is capable of climbing and leaping great distances.

In addition to her physical skills, she's a top notch hacker, and very good at covering her digital tracks.
Limitations: Uhh she's 100% free of special powers, so unless you'd like me to limit her ability to jump over things, none? THOUGH we were thinking she could come in holding the Piece of Eden, since not bleeding is better than bleeding everywhere. So the PoE would be p. much useless in Bell Pointe. maybe still possess some of its healing power but in a limited scope? none of the mind control stuff.

Writing Samples
Third Person Sample: here!
First Person Sample: here!

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