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Victoria "Ria" Reynolds; [livejournal.com profile] keepstanding. PB Maaya from Soultaker - age 19. AA, abducted into EU. Had been a normal college student in America when she was picked up due to her unique abilities. Her powers are um, more raw than the paper manipulation power, just your straightforward telekinesis. They use her for a lot of heavy lifting, and whatever else you'd need a telekinetic for. She absolutely hates it, but she can't leave the other people who were tricked or dragged into the mix alone.

Valentina Tarasova; [livejournal.com profile] inthismachine. PB Megumi. - PER, age 19. Proficient hacker, was recruited to work on fortifying the security within the PER's computers when she "accidentally" hacked into their mainframe. Not particularly serious about the job but she likes the computers! No powers, however.

Gwen Ramsey; [livejournal.com profile] strongestwill. PB Cleao from Sorcerous Stabber Orphen. EU. 22. She's got the ability to absorb whatever she touches and take control of it. For example, If she were to touch a rock, her skin would harden and become stone. She's able to control it, and absorb up to only a certain point on her body, so like, she could turn her arms to stone while still being mostly flesh. She's also able to absorb other powered individuals abilities temporarily with skin contact, although this exhausts her much more quickly than taking on the appearance of inanimate objects. She's got a loose relationship with the faction proper, but she isn't really on fantastic terms with them. She tends a bar in Dublin.

New OCs

Ezekiel "Zeke" Crawford; [livejournal.com profile] inyourstride. PB Ravi from D.Gray-Man - age 20. Zeke is EU born and raised. He's a really fun guy. He's open and generally very active and he likes what he does. He's part of the military front for the EU but he is pretty flippant about the whole thing and runs a smoothie shop on the side. Or well, he considers that his real job. He is a vegetarian, and the reason why is because his powers lie in shapeshifting. Somehow the appeal of eating something that you can become is less so.

Jillian Marshall ; [livejournal.com profile] tokilltheking. PB Revy from Black Lagoon. - age 24. No powers. I'm thinking a smuggler of some sort or someone who doesn't really have a particular alliance and shifts around at will. She's got her hands in something seedy, I know that. And she's killed a man just to watch the life drain from his eyes. Or so she says. Probably born AA.

I can be enabled, really.
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Pick a character of mine, then go here to generate 5 random numbers between 1 & 100. Comment with the character name and the five numbers, and I'll answer the five corresponding questions from this list.


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