letmelive: (contemplating this)
Claire Redfield ([personal profile] letmelive) wrote in [community profile] primavista2012-09-18 05:36 pm

I can see it coming from the edge of the room

Over the years, sith careers taking them in opposite directions, it was a chore keeping in touch some days. All the same, with all the things that they'd been through, having friends who knew where they had started became an important part of keeping one's mental sanity.

Claire had just finished up an assignment and was staring at a chinese take-out menu when her phone buzzed with a text from Leon indicating he was in the same city and a bar he was hitting. She didn't know the details of whatever he'd been off doing, but since quitting TerraSave and joining the BSAA she was a little more aware of things going on overseas as they happened, instead of months after the fact when files went public.

So without much hesitation she picked up her jacket and helmet and headed out to meet him.

When she arrived it wasn't hard to spot Leon and she made her way to the seat next to his, sliding up onto the bar stool and gesturing for the bartender.

"I'll have what he's having."

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