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I can see it coming from the edge of the room

Over the years, sith careers taking them in opposite directions, it was a chore keeping in touch some days. All the same, with all the things that they'd been through, having friends who knew where they had started became an important part of keeping one's mental sanity.

Claire had just finished up an assignment and was staring at a chinese take-out menu when her phone buzzed with a text from Leon indicating he was in the same city and a bar he was hitting. She didn't know the details of whatever he'd been off doing, but since quitting TerraSave and joining the BSAA she was a little more aware of things going on overseas as they happened, instead of months after the fact when files went public.

So without much hesitation she picked up her jacket and helmet and headed out to meet him.

When she arrived it wasn't hard to spot Leon and she made her way to the seat next to his, sliding up onto the bar stool and gesturing for the bartender.

"I'll have what he's having."
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Leon took another large swig of his drink, trying his hardest to mentally block out the smell of cigarette smoke that permeated the room. It was the one thing he hated about drinking in European bars. The smell was just too tempting to him as an ex-smoker.

It seemed like a lot of things were too tempting lately. His pistol hung at his side beneath his jacket as heavy as the guilt it carried.

It'd become sort of a routine over the last couple of years. Wake up, get a cup of coffee. Then another cup. And then maybe a third until Leon felt sufficiently ready to begin his day. Then, at night, he would come home and grab a glass of gin. Then another. And a third. Definitely a fourth. And on until he felt sufficiently numb enough to pass out until the start of a new day. It wasn't a good routine, but it was his. Though, from time to time, having another person there with him at night made it seem less terrible. Tonight, that person happened to be Claire.

He gave her a bit of a crooked smile as she sidled up beside him, graceful as a cat. All other bullshit aside, it was good to see her, and he was able to get the chance more and more lately. No matter what else happened, he knew that at least he had a friend in Claire. One of maybe three he had left.

"Hello to you too," he greeted her with all of the mirth he could muster.
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It wasn't until Claire took a sip of her drink that Leon realized he had been staring. He didn't mean to. There had just been something about the way she drew attention to her lips that'd been so distracting. He scoffed loudly and shook his head, turning his attention back to his booze, trying to pass off that he was balking at his lost vacation and not at his own behavior. Not the right time. Not the right place.

"That's what I keep saying," he told her. He paused for a second to stare absently into his dwindling drink, then continued, "But no one ever listens to me."

Somewhere in the back of his mind, he wondered just how many times he'd said those last six words in his life. He gulped down the last of his gin and set the empty glass on the bar top. All of a sudden, he found himself feeling sick. Not from the drink, but rather sick from his words. From the entire ordeal. It was the kind of sickness that came from not lying on a beach somewhere, passed out contentedly in the sun.

"Hey, finish that drink," he said abruptly. "Let's go somewhere... a little less depressing."

He was already reaching for his wallet.
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Leon watched her closely out of the corner of his eye, silently taking note of how much she was leaving. He then quickly mimicked her action, reaching into his wallet and setting money down beside his own glass -- enough to cover them both. When he was sure she wasn't looking, he snatched her money from the bar top and tucked it away for safekeeping. He'd only hold onto it until he could slip it back into her pocket without her noticing. In some ways, he was still old-fashioned like that.

"Well, this place isn't exactly known for its night life, unless you're the praying type," he said, turning back to her as though nothing had happened. "But I'm sure if we wander far enough, we'll find a way to liven things up. We always do."

Though, even as the words were coming out of his mouth, he realized he probably should've reconsidered that tactic. 'Finding a way to liven things up' during an unscripted night out with a Redfield usually ended in some form of chaos and a story that Leon would be able to tell for the rest of his life. It was one of those strange, uncontrollable forces of nature that science had yet to explain. And, all things considered, Leon was a bit tapped out at the moment in his threshold for random mayhem.

He didn't say anything to indicate his feelings one way or another. He merely slipped off of his stool and headed for the door, making it a point to hold it open for her.
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He glanced at the bike. Then back at Claire. Then at the bike again. And then back at Claire again. It was almost comical to see her standing beside a tiny Eurobike, as he was so used to the type of ride she had with her constantly back home.

But then it dawned on him.

"You're going to put me on the back of that thing, aren't you?" he said. He didn't even wait for her to answer; he didn't need to. "Pass. We're walking."

Just the thought of trying to fit his ass on the back of that tiny thing made his legs cramp. He took a few steps in the direction that led back to his hotel room, if for no other reason than he was at least somewhat familiar with the surrounding area. They should probably end up taking refuge indoors somewhere soon enough, anyway. Even though they were decidedly in the richest part of town, Leon still wasn't sure how safe it was out on the streets after nightfall. Not that he was afraid for their safety, but it sort of coincided with the whole inevitable Redfield-Kennedy catastrophe that he was trying to avoid.

"Come on," he called over to her. "Let me show you the room that Washington set me up with as a 'thanks for saving our ass, Leon,' gift. It's nicer than my house."

That last part wasn't true, and it wasn't the only thing they'd gifted him with besides, but damn, it was a nice room. Maybe he and Claire could hole up in there, continue drinking, and talk about stupid shit for the rest of the night so that he could get on with his forgetting already. Yeah. That sounded like some form of a plan.
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"The glamorous life of a government agent," he said. In truth, Leon did actually spend more time out in the world than he did at home. It was like he lived out of hotel rooms and only visited his house on special occasions.

He gave Claire a bit of a sidelong glance then. He was still getting used to seeing her. For a long time after he met her, their meetings had been few and far between, sometimes going an entire year or longer. But after she joined up with the BSAA, that had changed. He saw her almost as much as he saw Chris-- though of course even then it wasn't enough to be considered "often"-- and it still took some getting used to.

And as he looked on, he realized that he didn't know what else to say. That in and of itself made him worry. Man, had he really fallen so out of touch with his own social life that he couldn't keep a conversation going anymore? Had he been reduced to only griping and handing out hammy one-liners?

Well. Maybe that question was better left unanswered.

"And you're in the same boat now... kinda," he forced, mentally counting the remaining blocks on the path to the hotel. "Are you having fun yet?"