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Shenko al fresco: Reconstruction Era

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The towers and glass of Vancouver are still being restored to their former glitter, but two years' time means the traces of the Reapers' presence on the other side of the coastal mountains have been wiped clean. The arrogance they'd shared with their Leviathan masters had led to a thriving guerilla network in the hills back then, as the machines felt secure enough in their inevitable victory to focus on the great cities of Earth and leave the towns largely as a mopping-up exercise. The foothill mountains and the jewelled ribbons of the lakes, as always, had persisted as they always had.

Now, four days into a rare stretch of shared leave, on the first summerlike day in May, Kaidan'd taken Shepard decisively by the hand and led her to the very best hillside of his ancestral family orchard, where the valley floor rolls away beneath them across pastures and vineyards until it meets with the kilometre-distant edge of the nearest lake and then climbs the far hill again. A wool blanket with Hudson Bay striping that may just predate human spaceflight serves as a workable ground sheet, and what it lacks in camouflage it makes up for in keeping ants away from the remains of a meal. Bottle of beer in hand, dressed in civvie jeans and a plaid shirt that says he's reached Peak Canadian some time ago, he looks out at the curve of the foothills and ventures that "I could never put my finger on it at the time, but I think this is one reason I always liked the Presidium ring on the old Citadel."