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Mostly Harmless App


Name: Varis
Are you over 16?: I'm 24 but I have the mentality of a 12-year-old, so take that as you will D:
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Characters already in the game: no one
How did you find us?: [ profile] app_this_plz! I'd seen the game around a bit before but the Who cast lured me in with their wily ways. or something.


Character name: Rose Tyler
Fandom: Doctor Who
Timeline: After Parting of the Ways, right at the end of the Children in Need special. So she's aware of the Doctor's ability to regenerate, although she doesn't entirely trust the new (Tenth) Doctor. (that would be this, for exact canon point 8D)
Age: 19
~*Magical*~ abilities and strengths: Rose was very briefly host to the Time Vortex, which essentially turned her into a god. This has been totally drained from her by the Doctor, but the words Bad Wolf tend to show up around her sometimes, due to her casting the words throughout time and space as a message to herself. After leading her to that point, the words still hold significance, more as a warning or a sign of things to come.

For the most part though, she is your regular everyday human who has travelled with the Doctor. Capable of thinking on her feet and experienced with aliens and time travel. She's also somewhat adept at gymnastics although it's nothing overly impressive.

How would they use their abilities?: Probably not for anything significant. For the most part she will just not be as freaked out by aliens as some other humans are.

Appearance: Rose is a human of relatively average build and height. She's a bit on the curvy side, although she obviously puts a bit of an effort into keeping fit. She's got defined features, large brown eyes and bleached blonde hair with her darker roots and eyebrows making it obvious it's not her natural colour. Her teeth are also sort've big, although they're straight. She dresses like your typical teenager, bright colours, jeans, trainers. She's always got on a lot of make-up, and tends to style her hair in a few different ways. Overall, she spends a lot of time on her appearance, although she doesn't always look totally put together, due to time travelling.


Rose Tyler lived a terribly boring existence up until she was nineteen. Her father died when she was only six months old, and she was raised primarily by her mother, which became a sort of give and take relationship as she grew older (her mother sometimes acting more the child than Rose herself), although it was always clear her mother loved her and tried to do what she could to give Rose a proper life.

Rose was an incredibly independent girl, causing trouble at school and cutting because she disliked it (though she was quite good when she applied herself), and at sixteen after finishing her GCSEs she ran off with a "rock star" named Jimmy Stone. This relationship ended five months later with Rose's heart broken and £800 in debt.

After that little bit of impulsive excitement Rose took a job at a shop, and started dating Mickey Smith (whom she'd been dating before the Jimmy Stone incident. Good ol' Mickey, always the fall-back) and while her life was simple and times weren't exactly the easiest, she was happy enough.

But then one night, closing shift, same as ever at Henrick's, Rose went into the basement to drop off the lottery money to Wilson, when she was attacked by plastic shop dummies. And there she met the Doctor. In this initial meeting she demonstrated her relatively short temper and intolerance for people who won't be straight with her, as the Doctor barely explains what's going on and shoves her on her way. And then blows up her place of employment.

She meets him again the next day, a little more properly, this time managing to be persistent and stubbornly follow him until he properly explained things. Once that was done with, he disappeared into a blue box. Which then disappeared completely.

Not really willing to just sit back and take that, Rose searched the internet for more information on the Doctor. She found it in the form of a conspiracy theorist named Clive, whom she goes to visit. He tells her as much as he knows of the Doctor, and she concludes he's a nutter and leaves. In the time she was with Clive, however, Mickey was kidnapped by the plastic people and a copy of him was made, to fool Rose into leading them to the Doctor.

The Doctor does show up, and when the plastic Mickey attacks he takes Rose and escapes with her into the TARDIS. He confirms that he's an alien, and everything going on is alien. She's okay with this, but the realization that Mickey might be dead hits her hard and she starts crying, asking the Doctor if it was possible. He of course hadn't thought of that, which then provokes her to anger at him for being so careless as to not consider even one life.

After the Doctor tracks the Nestene conciousness to a general location and they exit the TARDIS, Rose helps the Doctor notice the obvious gigantic London Eye, an obvious choice for a transmitter for the Nestene invasion. Together they make their way into the lair of the Nestene Conciousness, and while things look dicey after the Nestene discovers the anti-plastic in the Doctor's pocket, Rose is able to save the day by swinging from a chain and knocking the dummy holding the anti-plastic into the Conciousness, killing it. They escape in the TARDIS with a thankfully still alive Mickey, and the Doctor drops them off near the Powell estate, offering an invitation to Rose to come with him in his machine to see the universe. She refuses at first, saying she's got to take care of Mickey and her mum will be worried, and the Doctor initially accepts this, disappearing in the TARDIS, before returning a moment later, telling her it also travels in time.

And with that, her adventures with the Doctor began. He took her first five billion years into her future, to the day the sun expanded and the Earth finally died. She met the last "human" whom she called a bitchy trampoline, due to the numerous surgeries Cassandra had had to keep herself tight and young, making her into nothing more than a skin flap. Rose is obviously disgusted by the thought of doing such a thing to one's appearance, and didn't consider Cassandra human.

This encounter ended with Rose being trapped on an observation deck while the sun filter lowered, but thankfully the Doctor saved the day just in time. The Doctor allowed Cassandra to dry out and explode after everything she'd done, despite Rose telling him to help her. She may have been cruel and inhuman, but Rose didn't wish death upon her. Later she deeply regretted that when the Earth had finally been destroyed, no one had even been watching, feeling the weight of all the history that had taken place on the planet just dispersing.

After that, they visited Charles Dickens in Cardiff, and prevented some gaseous creatures called the Gelth from taking over the world. Again Rose was upset with the Doctor's way of handling things, when he was willing to hand the Earth's dead over to the Gelth for host bodies, and even more-so when he expected a servant girl whom Rose had become friends with to make the bridge to allow the Gelth to do this. Still though, in the end he was there for her.

When she finally returned home (unintentionally a year after she'd left, instead of 12 hours) she was ready to sign on permanently. Her mother had her initial protests, as did Mickey, but after the Doctor and Rose saved them all from the Slitheens destroying the earth, they both hesitantly let Rose go, not that she gave them much choice. After seeing what she'd seen, there was no way she could stay home ever again.

And they travelled through time and space, the Doctor and Rose. She met the last of the Daleks, and stood up to the Doctor when he looked at the creature with hate in his eyes, she forced him to see reason when all he could see were his slaughtered people. The creature had changed, and it killed itself because of the change, but Rose was able to keep the Doctor from senselessly murdering it.

She almost lost him when she made a mistake in saving her father's life when they went to the day he died, unintentionally unleashing Reapers on the city, due to the crack in time she'd created. The Doctor was forced to sacrifice himself when a paradox was created when Rose held herself as a baby, and one of the Reapers appeared in the church they were hiding in. Rose was forced to face the reality that her one little seemingly insignificant act had changed the entire world and possibly ended it. It was horrifying, but her father was able to fix it by dying like he should have. Rose sat by her father while he died, heartbroken, but able to have that final moment with him. The experience made her more aware of being careful of what they did in the past, because it could alter things dangerously.

They picked up another companion during the London Blitz, a time traveller by the name of Jack Harkness, with whom Rose was quite enamoured at first, although she eased off flirting with him somewhat as time went along.

Everything came to an end when again they encountered the Daleks, however. The Emperor of the Daleks had survived the Time War, and he took steps to destroy the Doctor and everyone on Earth, starting with the people on the satellite station they were stranded on. The Doctor, unable to see any way of coming out of this fight alive, tricked Rose into getting back into the TARDIS, and he activated the emergency protocol, sending her back to earth.

Rose being as stubborn as they come, however, could hardly let that lie. She was furious with the Doctor and heartbroken that he'd trapped her in the same boring life she felt she could no longer live. So after she found the sign of the Bad Wolf she formulated a plan to get back to the Doctor. Mickey and her mother reluctantly helped her break the TARDIS console open so she could look into it, and get it to read her thoughts and communicate what she needed.

She took the Time Vortex into herself, and she was made into a god, who took the machine back to the future. There she scattered the words Bad Wolf in time and space, to lead herself back to the Doctor. Once that was done, she divided the atoms of the Dalek Emperor, and his entire fleet. Destroying what was supposedly truly the last of the Daleks without hesitation, where the Doctor could not. The Doctor then tried to persuade her to let the power go, but she found herself unable to. She was capable of so much good, and claiming she could bring life she revived Jack, who had perished in the earlier battle. It started to overwhelm her, but she couldn't let go of it herself. The only way out was for someone to take the power from her. So, the Doctor did. He took the Time Vortex into himself, and then took an unconscious Rose back onto the TARDIS.

She lost him for good, then. Not exactly, because he regenerated, but he was a different man, and she was terrified of him at first, although with all the things he knew, who could he be but the Doctor? All the same, she didn't know if she could trust this new man who was certainly not her Doctor.

Have you read up on how the game works?: oh yes. FlamingFerret and all that. Money can be earned by doing missions, running your own business, or being moochtastic. Rose'll probably end up stuck as a dinner lady for a while or something.

1st person sample:
[Video feed clicks on, and after a moment Rose appears in frame, reaching out to adjust the camera, before focusing. She licks her lips before taking a slow breath and speaking.]

Um, hello.

Sort've feels stupid to just be sittin' here talking to a book when people are saying my entire planet's gone. Gave those lumpy things a good talking to, don't think it did much good though. They just kept handing me... paperwork.

[She looks off the screen briefly, huffing out a breath, obviously still a little annoyed by her encounter with the Vorgons. And trying very hard not to take it out on whoever is watching this video.]

Anyway. My name is Rose Tyler. I'm from the planet Earth. Although... I was travelling. With a man called the Doctor. If-if anyone's seen him, or Doctor, if you're watching this, let me know you're okay. You sort've... weren't. Last I saw you.

3rd person sample:

Rose winced as she came to, groaning a little and rolling her head to the side. Her mind felt a bit fuzzy, like things were all scrambled up, although it quickly started sorting out. She'd been in the TARDIS, with the Doctor. But he'd changed. Something had gone wrong. He'd been... off. In more ways than just looks.

They'd been about to crash.

Her eyes opened at that and she drew in a sharp breath, sitting upright while putting one hand up to her head.

"Wh-" the question died on her lips as she looked around, noting... this wasn't where she'd started. The TARDIS was alien, but it was homey. This place didn't feel right to her.

"Doctor?" She threw the name out, not really expecting an answer, wincing again, her hand drifting down to rub her neck. Her head was still aching from whatever it was that had happened before that she couldn't quite remember. Slowly she pulled herself to her feet, looking around the room she was in a little more properly. Her mouth was half open as she tried to figure out what exactly had happened, although she closed it after a moment as she spotted a door and hurried towards it.

The room it opened up into, she was simultaneously alarmed and relieved to see, was bustling with activity, human and alien alike. After narrowing her eyes briefly, she concluded it must be some kind of space station, and frowned, looking back the way she'd come, before taking a deep breath and heading forwards.

"All right, Rose. Second time in a day you've been transported onto a space station with no idea how, let's just find the Doctor and hope there are no Daleks."

Questions?: Hooow would Rose's Superphone work? In canon it can call any point in history as long as she knows the number and area codes, although in series 2 when they pop into another dimension her phone works but it connects to the network available there, aaand I'm not sure if it'd be able to call across the void or not since she never tried it.
I'm ASSUMING since this is... sort've parallelly that she wouldn't be able to phone her mum whenever she wanted, but that it'd be able to connect to the FlamingFerret network so she could probably use that in addition to her guide, if the book wasn't handy and she needed to contact someone?

Did you put your characters name and fandom in the subject: yeah probably.