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Siren's Pull Application

Player Information

Name: Varis
Age: 24
AIM SN: harder to kill
email: unknowngoddess[at]
Have you played in an LJ based game before? y
Bonus: How did you hear about Siren's Pull? in the game!

Character Information

Canon Source: Resident Evil
Canon Format: Video Game
Character's Name: Rebecca Chambers
Character's Age: 18
Conditional: If your character is 13 years of age or under, please clarify how they will be played. n/a

What form will your character's NV take? a pink and green personal digital assistant with the internet, phone, and video capabilities added in.

Character's Canon Abilities: Due to her education Rebecca has an extensive knowledge of biochemistry and medicine including the preparation and administration of pharmaceuticals. She's had field medic training and she went through the S.T.A.R.S. training program, which taught her the essentials of handling and firing a gun, tactical procedure, and police protocol. She's also had some piano lessons, but unlike most other things she's excelled at in her life, piano playing is something she struggles with. She was on the basketball team in college, and while she's small in stature she's quick, and was a fairly good player.
Conditional: If your character has no superhuman canon abilities, what dormant ability will you give them? Healing touch. She'll be able to heal wounds on others, small ones fairly easily, but the more grave an injury the more focus it will take, and the more painful physically it'll be for her to heal. If she were to attempt to heal a fatal injury, it would likely kill her before she'd be able to fully heal them. She will be completely unable to heal any injuries to her own person, however. So if she breaks a bone or gets a cut, it has to heal the old fashioned way, and if she heals anyone else while she herself is injured, it will take even longer for her to heal, herself.
Weapons: Rebecca'll only be armed with her custom S.T.A.R.S. samurai edge 9mm with scope.

Character History: Rebecca Chambers was a first. First in her graduating class, first teenager to be accepted into a position in the Special Tactics and Rescue Squad, first of the Raccoon City survivors to be plunged into the destruction Umbrella had wrought. Rebecca had just barely been accepted into S.T.A.R.S. when the bizarre murders rocked Raccoon City's usually sleepy quiet. The bravo team was sent out to the location where the murders seemed to be stemming from, an isolated mansion at the foot of the Arklay Mountains, when their helicopter suffered engine failure and they were forced to make an emergency landing in the forest. From the helicopter they started through the woods towards the drop off point on foot when they encountered the wreckage of an overturned jeep and the mutilated corpses of men wearing military fatigues. Rebecca found a clipboard with an order for transport of a prisoner by the name Billy Coen, who had allegedly murdered 23 people. Enrico, the team Captain was quick to determine that Coen must have been the cause of this accident, and ordered the Bravo team to fan out and search for the prisoner, making it their priority to detain him.

Rebecca, being the least experienced of the group was naturally the one to bump into Coen, but only after stumbling on an abandoned train in the middle of the woods, filled with zombies. At first Rebecca tried to arrest Billy, but once he saved her from a swarm of leeches they formed an uneasy alliance. The bond between them strengthened, however, as they learned to work together while they tried to stop the train, and then further on when they ended up in the Umbrella Training Facility. Having uncovered something suspicious and dangerous, Billy was looking a distant second to the horrifying creatures they encountered, even if he had killed 23 people.

After Billy saved Rebecca repeatedly, she attempted to get the truth out of him, beginning to doubt that he did really kill those people, and while he brushed it off as unimportant, she was convinced enough of the good in him, and was able to place her trust in him completely.

Together they uncovered the beginnings of the truth of Umbrella, encountering the reanimated James Marcus as well as several twisted experiments. In the end the pair faced off against the Leech Queen, an entity born from Marcus's mutating form, and were able to kill it and escape the Training Facility before it detonated.

Rebecca left Billy, declaring him dead and taking his dog tags for "proof" of his demise, letting him escape into the wilderness while she made her way towards the Spencer Estate to rendezvous with whomever was left of her squad.

When she reached the Spencer mansion she discovered much the same horror of the Training Facility, and holed herself up in a safe room after briefly surveying the area for her team. Waiting for help to arrive she fell asleep, but was awoken by Richard Aiken, another member of S.T.A.R.S.

Together they attempted to locate help, but instead they ended up running into a large snake. Richard was bitten, and Rebecca didn't dare leave his side long enough to go retrieve the serum she'd left in the room she'd fallen asleep in. Doing the best she could for the wounds he had on-the-spot, they were happened upon by Chris Redfield, who ran for the serum, saving Richard. Together they moved Richard to the safe room, and Rebecca cared for him while Chris went off to continue scouting the area.

Once Richard had recovered, the two split up again and Rebecca located Chris, playing the piano. Badly. She helped him, although she had to practice it for a bit to get it right. They split up again for a while; the next time she saw Chris he broke the news to her that Richard had been killed. Distraught Rebecca left Chris for a room she'd found full of pharmaceuticals, attempting to make herself useful to Chris, at least. Overwhelmed by everything that had happened to her, she broke down crying in front of Chris, who managed to comfort her somewhat.

Eventually the two of them found themselves in a Lab beneath the Spencer Estate, and facing Wesker, whom they'd uncovered as the traitor who sent them all to their deaths. He shot Rebecca, but she was fortunately wearing her bulletproof vest and was only knocked unconscious. Chris wakes her up after fighting off a Tyrant, and together they escaped, although first Rebecca ran to activate the self destruct sequence while Chris goes to find Jill and Barry. The four of them escape to the roof, where they're able to signal Brad, the helicopter pilot. They escaped the mansion just as it burst into flames.

When Rebecca returned to Raccoon, the first thing she did was file the report on the apparent death of Billy Coen and the MPs escorting him. She asks that the case on him be closed, in an attempt to make things a little safer for him while he's on the run. No need to look for a dead man, after all.

Rebecca doesn't get a chance to stick around to see if they do actually close the case however, because while the S.T.A.R.S. attempted to blow the roof off of Umbrella's cover, they were slapped in the face by how deeply Umbrella had corrupted Raccoon City's government officials. They were all suspended, and S.T.A.R.S. was disbanded.

She left Raccoon City after that, due to the increased danger and no longer having a reason to be there, and it was fortunate she left when she did, because not long after a full outbreak occurred, and Raccoon City was wiped off of the map by a missile strike ordered by the president.

Point in Canon: shortly after she disappears from canon, after the destruction of Raccoon.
Conditional: Brief summary of previous RP history: n/a

Character Personality: Rebecca is a very young but promising individual. She graduated and was accepted into S.T.A.R.S. at the young age of 18. Some might say she's a prodigy, brighter than most, and her acute interest in medicine as well as a strong desire to help people is what drew her to S.T.A.R.S. However, while Rebecca is quite intelligent, she's inexperienced. She tries to put forth a brave face when she's scared, but when she's feeling trapped or overwhelmed her mask will crack and reveal the scared young woman beneath it.

She's naturally a very trusting person, and she has to work to be skeptical of people she's supposed to be skeptical of, at times. This will usually result in her Overly Serious face, while she struggles to take on the role of an experienced police officer. If you can get past the bossy facade, she's genuinely a nice person and reasonably easy to get along with, if you don't rub her the wrong way.

She believes in the good of people, and it hurts her heart to think of people deliberately doing evil things. She tries to look for the good in everyone, but if she looks hard and finds nothing, she'll sometimes become distraught, at the idea of what humanity is capable of without a good conscience to guide them.

Her experiences in Raccoon have given her the opportunity to look at the world for more than what it is, although she still struggles at times to process all the impossible things she's dealt with. Her view on life can sometimes be overly analytical, and she will try to apply something to science if she thinks it can be explained that way. Fortunately her scientific outlook can be balanced by her occasionally overactive imagination.

Conditional: Personality development in previous game: n/a
Character Plans: Rebecca is a busybody and one of those people who WANTS TO HELP EVERYONE. That being said, I'm hoping to get her a job as an EMT or a school nurse or something. She likely won't go back into police work after all the negative stuff that happened to her. She'll keep herself busy with that, but she won't hesitate to drop everything to help anyone who needs help. She'll probably overwork herself so I'll be working on building her CR of people who will make sure she takes a break every once in a while. Or, you know, encourage her workaholic behavior.


Writing Samples

First Person Sample [audio clicks on, like it was unintentionally activated, and the speaker comes in mid-sentence]

-don't really understand what you mean by "pulled here." There has to be some kind of rational explanation for...

[The other speaker is far enough away that you can't really make out what she's saying, but it's pretty much the generic weird stuff happens blah blah blah]

...Oh. Well is there any way out of here? My parent's they-

[again, she's interrupted. after another moment Rebecca sighs, and it sounds like she's walking now. Finally she seems to notice the device recording in her pocket, when she feels around to make sure her gun and med pack are still in tact]

What's this...? This isn't my PDA. [Sighs again] I guess I'll turn it in to the landlord so he can find its rightful owner. Mine is-

Wait, what's it recording?

[There's another second of fumbling, before the audio is finally clicked off.]

Third Person Sample

"I can't believe they didn't believe us!" Rebecca was near tears as she followed after the senior S.T.A.R.S. team into the office for what would likely be their final visit. After everything they'd lived through, everyone they'd lost? "They're the ones who need psychiatric help!" She was a mixture of upset, betrayed, and angry as she collapsed at her desk, looking around at the things she still hadn't had the opportunity to unpack. The others were slowly trailing back to their desks, all oddly silent, except for Chris Redfield who was muttering angrily under his breath, eventually punctuated with him slamming his fist down on the desk, before sitting.

The silence stretched for a long moment after that, and Rebecca watched the others with wide eyes, her bottom lip pulled between her teeth.

"This isn't over," Chris was the first to break the silence, turning to look back at Jill and Rebecca, and glancing forward to Barry. Rebecca nodded her head slowly, raising from her seat, carefully starting to pick the things that were most important to her up from her desk and place them in her messenger bag.

"Umbrella must have other facilities. They're a multi-billion dollar corporation, and there's no way they'd place all their assets in a single location," she offered hesitantly, as everyone's eyes shifted to her. She tilted her head down slightly, looking at Jill for a little female support, before looking back at Chris. "Their main branch is in Paris. But they've got warehouses all over the world. God only knows which ones could be containing facilities..."

"Then I'm going to Paris. I'll find a list and we'll shut them down. For good." Chris looked determined, and Rebecca wasn't about to tell him it was dangerous. Neither was anyone else, from the looks of it. She nodded her head hesitantly, before looking down at her desk again.

"I'm leaving. I'll go back to Boston... there's nothing here for me anymore. But I'll see what I can dig up there. If there are any other people like us." There had to be. For all the smoothness in which they'd been sold out and pushed aside, there was no way Umbrella had never not had to clean up a mess like this before.