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Application for Xavier Institute

NAME: Varis
AGE: 24
AIM SCREENNAME & MAIN PERSONAL LJ ACCOUNT: harder to kill; offensive


NAME: Mia Fey
CODENAME: n/a (and no she will NOT be taking on the Phoenix name. Ever. :|)
AGE: 27
GENDER: Female
ROLE: Teacher! Clairvoyance

BACKGROUND: Mia Fey was born in the tiny mountain village of Kurain. Her mother was Misty Fey, head of the Kurain school of Channeling. She grew up under the teachings of the Kurain school, learning how her powers worked and how to harness them, and she showed great talent at a very young age, and was very promising as the next Master of the school, after her mother. Mia, however, was not destined to become the Master of the Kurain School. When she was twelve, the DL-6 incident occurred in which her mother was ruined, and made into a laughing stock of the media, when her channeling of a victim led to an innocent man being arrested. Misty Fey vanished, and Mia abandoned the school, deciding she would become a lawyer, and find out what had happened to her mother.

Mia grew into a very promising young attorney, who was hired on by the very man who had unfortunately betrayed her mother, Marvin Grossberg. Her first case as a full-fledged attorney was an unfortunate disaster, when her client killed himself on the witness stand with a bottle of poison he'd had concealed on him, to avoid betraying the woman who had framed him. She was traumitized by the case, and spent the next year doing work around the office, as opposed to taking on clients. It was in this time that she grew close to one of her fellow attorneys, Diego Armando, and they began dating. He was unfortunately a victim of the same woman who had essentially killed her first client, and while he didn't die from the poison the woman secretly administered to him in his coffee, he did slip into a coma.

Her triumphant return to court came eight months later in the form of a nervous kid named Phoenix Wright. He was accused of murder, and once Mia discovered who the client had been dating, she knew she had her case. She was able to prove Phoenix's innocence, and reveal the true murderer, Dahlia Hawthorne. She also managed to solve the case of Diego's poisoning in the same breath, as Dahlia had been involved in all of that, as well. Putting one thorn in her side behind bars, Mia was able to start focusing all her energy on another. The man who had ruined her mother. Over the years, while she grew in success as a defense attorney due to her unique ability to faithfully believe in her clients, she also grew closer to unmasking one of the largest conspiracies in the legal world.

She left Grossberg's offices and opened up her own law firm, hiring on Phoenix Wright once he completed his Bar exam. Shortly after Phoenix's first trial, Mia had her hands on some important evidence she was going to have her little sister, Maya, hold onto for her for safekeeping. However, before Maya could show up, Mia was faced by the man who had ruined her mother's life, whom she had been trying to out for the past several years and finally had the proof she needed. He took the evidence from Mia, and killed her.

Mia's story doesn't end there, however. While she was effectively dead, her spirit was not gone, and in desperation Maya was able to channel her to help Phoenix solve her murder. She was also unknowingly drawing the attention of the cosmic Phoenix Force. Being of a strong lineage of women with psychic abilities, she was a suitable host, and she still had much to live for. She was resurrected, but unsure of the abilities presented to her by the Phoenix, Mia didn't reveal she was living to those she loved, and instead distanced herself to get a handle on her new-found powers. She was occasionally summoned back to Maya's body for help with Phoenix's cases, and it was certainly an alarming discovery that she could be called back, of course at the time she imagined it was because she had been dead.

After a while, Mia felt she had a better control over the forces at her disposal, and decided it was time for her to return to her family, although she decided she would leave the law firm to Phoenix, and learning Maya had been taken into the Xavier Institute, she set her sights on the school instead, applying for a teaching position.

PERSONALITY: Mia can easily be described as a determined woman. The amount of strength and will she has is nothing short of stunning especially in some of the more grim situations she faces in court. If she has faith in someone that faith is strong and ever-present, even if that person themselves stop believing. She is a stubborn woman, and has shown an uncanny knack for bluffing her way to the truth, something she passed on to her protege.

Beyond her talents in court, she's also a fairly kind woman, and always has a smile on her face, even when things seem grim. She's tough on the people around her, because she believes in them, but she's also gentle where she needs to be. She hasn't much in the way of a temper, and when she's upset she's more likely to quietly stew than have an outburst. She is a remarkably even-tempered individual, with very clear morals and ideals. She isn't easily swayed and once she makes her mind up on something, that's pretty much it.

APPEARANCE: Mia is a classic beauty. She has large brown eyes, long brunette hair that falls to her waist, and a decidedly curvy figure. Her skin is pale, like most of the women in her family, and she has a beauty mark on the right side of her chin. She takes obvious care in her appearance, being fairly well manicured and professional looking.

While a lawyer she always dressed in a neat black three piece suit with white pumps, and a scarf tied around her neck. A constant presence in her wardrobe, despite having left the Kurain school, is the blue magatama she wears around her neck, proof that she will never truly forget or abandon her heritage. Beyond the courtroom she is still a smart dresser, and is always well coordinated.

POWERS: As a member of the Fey family, Mia was born with strong psychic abilities. She has a very strong sixth sense, the ability to commune with spirits (in addition to channeling them, of course, although she makes note of speaking with them in canon more often than physically becoming them) and just before she died her mutant abilities were beginning to evolve, telepathy becoming remotely present, although she was just beginning to learn how to control and focus that when she was murdered. Once imbued with the Phoenix, she's obviously got the full scope of powers at her disposal, but will likely only ever use a fraction of the power given to her, due to her own personal limitations. This would be the telekinesis and the increased power in her telepathy and spirit channeling. So no planet crushing or time traveling for Mia.

ANYTHING ELSE?: ffff I know the whole Phoenix Force thing is kind of leery, and I want to direct you guys to both my Rachel Grey journals ( and I have a lot of experience playing someone imbued with the Phoenix Force, and I'm not the type of person to be all RAWWR POWERZ. Mia is, very obviously, not as impulsive and reckless as Rachel, even, so she has a much more stable hold on the Phoenix's powers.

First-person sample: I hope this works, I've been trying to get to the right page on this foolish thing for an hour...

Hello everyone, my name is Mia Fey. Starting today I'll be your new Clairvoyance teacher. I've got a list of a few students with spiritual awareness or abilities related to what is more commonly considered the "sixth sense," but if anyone else would like to sign up for my class, or even have any questions, please feel free to ask.

I'll try to answer to the best of my ability, but this technology is all really new to me, so bear with me, please!

Third-person sample: Mia Fey stared at the computer screen in front of her, one elbow resting to the right of her keyboard while supporting her head, one finger massaging her temple. She had rarely used the computer in her office, and using this thing was giving her a massive headache. She was still trying to get adjusted to this whole new situation, and using the computer to connect with her students was, according to a few of the others she'd spoken to, the best way to reach out to them.

"Whatever happened to talking face to face?" Mia sighed, leaning back from the computer and with a wave of her hand the top of the laptop snapped closed. She could try again later. Pushing away from her desk she stood, moving to her bookcase, perusing the titles for something to take her mind off of the maddening contraption sitting on her desk.

She'd just picked her dog eared copy of Pride & Prejudice when her cellphone went off, and frowning a little she fished it out of her jacket pocket, smiling a little when she saw the name light up on her screen. She flipped the phone open, holding it to her ear while sliding the book back into its place.

"Hi, Maya. Let me guess; you want to go out for burgers?"