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Application for Engraved Holly

Out Of Character Information:

Name: Varis
Age: 23 (24 in two weeks aaaaaa)
Personal Journal: [ profile] offensive
Email/MSN/AIM/Yahoo/etc: email: unknowngoddess[at] aim: harder to kill
Former characters in the rp?: none

In Character Information:

Name: Ellis
Age: 23
Series: Left 4 Dead
Timeline: END OF THE GAME. so after they get picked up by the Military and are chillin' in the chopper.

Personality: Ellis is a pretty cool guy. He's a bowl of nearly never-ending optimism, full of funny or annoying depending on the situation stories, and a very vivid and infectious love of life. He does his best to raise the spirits of everyone around him, and he genuinely enjoys himself while he's at it. The zombie apocalypse doesn't get him down, he's living it up! He firmly believes that he's immortal, and considering how many unfortunate things that befall his buddy Keith but never seem to extend to him, it's entirely possible to some extent that Ellis is a VERY lucky person.

He is capable of seriousness, and is an incredibly sympathetic character towards his fellows, it's just unusual to see him somber. If badly hurt he'll start reevaluating his immortality, and actually gets a little pessimistic (nowhere NEAR Nick levels, but he'll say things like 'I ain't gonna lie, I think I'm dyin'') but once he recovers he's back to his cheerful demeanor.

He's courteous to most everyone he meets, and will address people politely (ma'am, sir) unless he's otherwise directed. He's ALWAYS looking out for others, and is, despite his occasionally lewd stories, a gentleman. He's a momma's boy, and momma didn't raise no disrespectful son. If you give him crap though, he will retaliate. Just in his own good time. He also might be a pathological liar, because some of his stories seem HIGHLY embellished, if not entirely fabricated.

A lot of the upset that lies beneath Ellis's frame of mind largely falls to the fact that he doesn't know what's happened to his friends and family. He remained behind when they were all heading to the evacuation centers, and as a result of seperating himself from them, he has no idea for sure if they've even survived. A part of him wonders if they were in the piles of human bodies they came across while they were trying to find a safe evacuation in New Orleans, but for the most part he doesn't allow himself to dwell on it, and certainly would never voice it aloud.

History: Ellis is a down-to-earth boy from Savannah, Georgia, who was raised up well by his parents. He has a close-knit group of friends he would get into all kinds of trouble with, and it's that same group of friends that, once they graduated they opened a garage together, due to their shared love of cars and trucks (also NASCAR and monster trucks, but I digress). He also formed a band with these friends, in which he plays bass.

When the zombie outbreaks began, Ellis was quick to outfit his truck to be a zombie-proof machine, while his friends and family were evacuated. The truck was, unfortunately, only 99% zombie proof. That last 1% did it in real good. So Ellis was forced to evacuate on foot, where he met three other survivors. Nick, Rochelle, and Coach. While they were unable to evacuate at the center they converged on initially, they made their way through the zombie infested streets, to the mall.

Mall was overrun too, but Ellis got this genius plan to escape in Jimmy Gibbs Jr's stock car, which just so happened to be at the mall, due to a photo op. Ellis got to drive. It was the best day of his life.

unfortunately they only got as far as the Whispering Oaks theme park, which was actually fine because fighting zombies while running on a roller coaster was freaking sweet. Not to mention, the Midnight Riders (best damn band ever) had been set up to perform a show at the park before they'd been evacuated, so their entire finale was set up to rock. The survivors signaled a chopper by setting off the finale's fireworks (Ellis sang a little, it was awesome) and were home free.

Until the chopper pilot turned into a zombie and Nick shot him. Which was damn stupid of Nick, in Ellis's opinion. Because none of them could fly a helicopter and they freaking crashed.

They crashed in swamp country, which was even worse. Instead of a nice chopper ride to New Orleans, they had to trek through muddy swamps while besieged by zombies. Ellis was mostly peeved by the fact that the mudmen took all the fun out of mud by trying to kill them.

They persevered, though, and made it to a Plantation house where they were able to flag down a riverboat that was traveling up and down the coast in an attempts to find and deliver survivors to safety. They traveled with the riverboat captain (a Cajun named Vergil) for a while, making a not-so-brief stop at a little town on the way to pick up fuel, which resulted in them making a trek through a witch-infested sugarmill during a hurricane, but Vergil delivered them safe and sound to New Orleans.

Where, of course, the military were bombing the shit out of the place. They had to fight their way through New Orleans streets amidst zombies and rubble, constant bomb blasts, and it was generally unpleasant, although the whole time Ellis was his usual upbeat self. The graveyard did pose a little bit of a challenge for him, if only because he was worried they'd see ghosts. And you can't shoot ghosts, that's just common sense.

Once they reached the bridge, they found safety and evacuation on the other end, although it was a narrow escape, considering the bridge was overrun with zombies and sundry of other pleasantries. They had to make a run for it, and it was lucky they all survived to get to the chopper, since they only had a ten minute window. Still, with some clever use of pipe bombs, adrenaline, boomer bile, and a whole lot of firepower, they made it.

Abilities/Powers: IMMORTALITY Ellis is completely and 100% human, fallible, and all that. He can be killed, he can have the tar beaten out of him, and despite being a great mechanic and being awesome with guns, he's just a normal guy.

Third Person sample: "WOOOHOO!" The sound of Ellis whooping above the sounds of the heavy wind and rain falling around the Burger Tank was unmistakable, as he fired into the swarming infected as they clamored towards the survivors holing up on the roof.

"COME GET SOME!" This was his element. He could barely see when the rain picked up, and he'd been forced to abandon the sniper rifle for the combat rifle (still, good trade) due to the poor visibilty, but it was shit like this that made you feel alive. He could make out Rochelle to his right, a blur of pink and gray in the squall, and he knew Coach and Nick were somewhere on his left, due to the occasional shouts and swears coming from that direction. He was grinning through it all, although the grin was promptly wiped from his face when a thick rope-like muscle tied itself around his arms and torso, dragging him backwards towards the edge of the roof. In the sounds of rain and storm, the Smoker's tell-tale hacking cough had been masked.

"SHIT SHIT, SMOKER'S GOT ME!" he screamed, struggling against the binding hold, attempting to slow it down before he went skidding off the roof.

First person Sample: Ahhh shit I knew going through that graveyard was a bad idea. Now I'm having fucked up dreams of creepy ass houses?

Damn this is worse than when we were holed up in Whispering Oaks and I kept dreaming about zombie clowns. Although that coulda been because they were beating on the door out back...

I dunno where I am, even, but this place makes my old apartment look nice. Shit is run down. Man if my dad saw this place he'd have a fit. Wonder if they need a hand fixing things up... Maybe I'll go ask around.

Should probably find the others first, though.

Notes: adslfk after much debating I decided that while Ellis is kind of a derp sometimes he would still probably type properly because he is relatively educated. And also because I would probably stab myself in the eye if I typed in an extremely lazy fashion.