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Siren's Pull Application

Player Information

Name: Varis
Age: 23
AIM SN: harder to kill
email: unknowngoddess[at]
Have you played in an LJ based game before? I've been doing LJ RP since 2003ish? so yeah.
Bonus: How did you hear about Siren's Pull? [ profile] dear_mun! Ellis's mun suggested it orz

Character Information

Canon Source: Left 4 Dead
Canon Format: Video Game
Character's Name: Zoey
Character's Age: 19
Conditional: If your character is 13 years of age or under, please clarify how they will be played. Zoey's 19, so all good here.

What form will your character's NV take? a dark pink cellphone with flip out keyboard and text, voice, and video functions.

Character's Canon Abilities: Zoey's a regular human, although she's got a wealth of knowledge on horror movies. She's also very good with guns, after a good amount of zombie killing.
Conditional: If your character has no superhuman canon abilities, what dormant ability will you give them? Zoey will have the dormant ability of healing. It'll manifest at first as slightly accelerated healing of cuts and scrapes, and gradually over time the speed of healing will increase, although the more severe the injury the more exhausting physically it'll be for her to heal it.

Weapons: Zoey'll be coming in with her dual pistols, submachine gun, and a pipe bomb.

Character History: Zoey was the youngest child of a fairly comfortable Pennsylvanian family. She lived a fairly normal if distinctly tomboyish existence, developing affinities for old movies and video games as she grew into her teenage years. This affinity got her into trouble once she was on her own and in college, where she spent more time holed up in her dorm room watching movies than she did studying and going to her classes. After a very pitiful first semester, Zoey had to face the reality that she needed to buckle down and get her grades up.

Then, of course, the flu hit. When zombies started turning on the student and faculty body, Zoey holed up with the students who survived, and they made a valiant effort to defend the residence hall they'd collected in. Unfortunately, it wasn't as secure as they thought, and in the resulting scuffle Zoey was separated from the rest of the students, forced to take to the streets, and more or less boned.

That was, of course, when she ran into a group of survivors, Louis, Bill, and Francis. The trio accepted Zoey into their group, and together they worked in an attempt to find a safe evacuation zone. Along the way Zoey learned more about guns than she knew from movies, and she educated the boys about what she knew from zombie movies she'd spent her time "studying" as it were. Some of the mythos didn't match up, but there was enough (aim for the head, don't get bit) that seemed consistent enough.

She thought it was total zombie bullshit how fast they could move, though.

They managed to escape from Fairfield, after fighting their way through hordes of zombies to the evacuation center atop Mercy Hospital. Unfortunately, the pilot who picked them up had earlier been bitten by a zombie and before they could reach Riverside he transformed. Zoey was the one to shoot him, and the helicopter crashed with the survivors inside. They escaped the wreckage, and continued on foot.

While they came across an armored truck outfitted to be zombie-proof, they were unable to get much farther than the outskirts of Riverside. Again they took to the streets, and made their way through the town that Zoey had grown up in. She hoped that family and friends were evacuated, although the stark reality of the situation doesn't really lend to optimism.

Initially there had been rumors that the army had holed up in Riverside, but the broken down barricades and overrun buildings told them that the fight had been lost and the people had evacuated. Eventually they came to the river, and flagged down a boat to make their escape upstream.

When they were dropped off, they headed through the city of Newburg, towards the airport where they heard evacuations were happening. Unfortunately the Airport had been bombed. Luckily, one plane had been left behind, and the pilot was equipped to fly them out of danger, but they had to fuel the plane before taking off. It was a noisy process, and they only narrowly escaped with their lives, as zombies swarmed on them.

After parting ways with the airplane pilot the group made their way to a farmhouse where the military had set up camp. This is easily the most dangerous of their treks across land, because they spend most of their time in the woods where they can be easily ambushed. Still, they make it through, and once they arrive at the farm they are rescued by the military in an armored tank.

Point in Canon: I'll be bringing Zoey in from the end of the Blood Harvest campaign, just as they're being rescued by the military.
Conditional: Brief summary of previous RP history: n/a

Character Personality: Zoey is just the right combination of girlish spunk and tough-as-nails attitude. She makes jokes when she's nervous, in an attempt to ease her fear as well as the others' and she tries to look at the brighter side of things. Of course, she's far from the most optimistic person (Louis is far more optimistic than she is) and dire situations stress her out. Still, she tries her best to be silly and upbeat, and more than a little snarky at her fellow survivors.

Her temper can, of course, flare, and it does if someone is careless, or if she's especially stressed out. She'll get snappy with the others, and her usual cheerful quips will desert her for a more aggressive tone, hinting at how much this situation has really affected her, despite her constant need to brush it off with jokes and good humor.

Zoey also genuinely cares for those around her, and despite having been a bit of a shut-in before the outbreak she makes friends relatively easily. She's got an addictive personality, and she looks out for the people around her. She's not above asking for help when she needs it, and she's glad to be surrounded by people she knows she can trust with her life. Very important in the zombie apocalypse, that is.

Conditional: Personality development in previous game: n/a
Character Plans: Zoey will just try to get her life back on track. She'll try to find herself a part time job somewhere MAYBE go back to school, and just do her best to put the zombies and the horror behind her. Her curiosity will probably get the best of her as far as the darkness is concerned, however. She can't just sit on her hands and ignore it if something bad is happening, she's not wired that way.

Appearance/PB: right here!

Writing Samples

First Person Sample
[Audio starts up, she's obviously talking into the NV like a phone]

Um, hello? Anyone out there?

I-I think I blacked out, my friends and I were with the military, but I don't see... any of them. Was there a crash? Did we crash? Jesus why do our rescues always get screwed up...

[She clears her throat, after a moment of silence.]

Francis, Louis, Bill? If any of you guys can hear me, get in touch right away.

Third Person Sample

"Guys, there's a safe house nearby!" Zoey called out as she spotted the familiar spray painted design, turning back a little to glance back at her rag tag group of friends. It had been a long trek from the last safe house, and she wasn't exactly loving the creepy locale they were passing through, but they were all doing okay, so far.

As soon as she thought that, though, she heard the low moan of a witch in the distance, and she groaned inwardly. Never think we're good, rule number one of horror movies, duh Zoey.

"Flashlights off, there's a witch around," she hissed, tilting the pistol she'd taped the mini mag light to so she could click it off. She heard Francis mutter something, although he was far enough back that she couldn't make it out, although she could make a few guesses. He probably hated something, and it wasn't vests.

Creeping along through the woods she kept an eye out as the crying grew louder, shots ringing out sparsely as zombies came charging out from behind the trees at them. The good thing about forests, there was a lot of cover. Bad thing, there was cover for the zombies too.

When Zoey finally spotted the witch, her stomach dropped.

"Oh, shit. Guys, we've got a problem." She glanced back at the others as they walked up beside her, and then she pointed back at the witch. It was sitting a good four feet from the open door of the safe house they were aiming for. "Sooo who wants to get express kidney removal courtesy of our sobbing friend over there?"