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Application for Singularity

Player Information ;
Your Nickname: Varis
OOC Journal: [ profile] offensive
Under 18? oh god no.
Email/IM: unknowngoddess[at] / hardertokill
Characters Played at Singularity: Kaidan Alenko

Character Information ;
Name: Rapunzel
Name of Canon: Disney's Tangled
Canon/AU/Other Game CR: Canon
Canon Point: after Mother Gothel stabs Eugene and is trying to drag Rapunzel from the tower.
Setting: The world Rapunzel comes from is not entirely unlike our own 400 years ago. There are kingdoms, and thieves and the like. Obviously it's also a Disney realm, so it's a lot cleaner than our world, but the vague similarities are there. There IS magic, but it is very rare, Rapunzel being the only instance we see throughout the movie. The lore of the kingdom Rapunzel was born into, (Corona) details that once upon a time a single drop of sun fell to earth and from that drop a magical flower with the ability to heal the sick and injured bloomed. An old woman named Mother Gothel found the flower, and knowing that the people from the kingdom would seek it out she hid it, using its power to keep herself young for hundreds of years.

Of course, this flower was eventually found, after the queen of the kingdom fell very ill when she was heavy with child, and Gothel was careless in her haste to hide the flower. The flower was put in a broth and given to the queen, which healed her, and imbued her child, Rapunzel, with the magic the flower possessed. Gothel then kidnapped Rapunzel, and locked her away in a tower to keep the power of the girl secret.

For the next eighteen years, there was a yearly festival held in Corona, annually floating hundreds of lanterns in the sky in the hopes that the princess would see those lights and they would guide her home to the castle.

Personality: Rapunzel grew up living an extremely sheltered existence, and her personality was very much shaped by the books she read and her constant iguana companion, Pascal. In the beginning she's incredibly naive, though she is a quick learner. She's spent her entire life amusing herself with things within the tower, painting and reading, so her real-world experience is incredibly limited. She's got a sense of hesitation and timidness when she's attempting something she's never done before, though she quickly pushes past the hesitation and dives in headfirst with enthusiasm.

That's one thing that defines Rapunzel more than anything, she is incredibly brave, despite her sheltered upbringing and her mother's insistence on the outside world being dangerous beyond reason. Even when she's terrified, if she senses her life is in danger, or feels like she's being wronged or cheated in any way, she will summon up a courage and a strong voice, though it may take her a few tries of wavering attempts to get people to listen to her. And sometimes the results may surprise her, such as when she yelled down a bar of ruthless thugs, which resulted in a song and dance about having a dream.

She's got a warm sensibility about her, and while she can be initially sarcastic and cool towards people she thinks might try to use her hair for their own gain, she longs to have friends, having spent much of her life very alone. All it takes is a little crack of some good underneath, and she will do her very best to bring out the best in others.

There's a natural curiosity about her, due to so little of her life being spent outside of her tower, everything is new and exciting, and she wants to learn everything she can about the world and the people in it, and while some gross things might give her pause, she'll attempt to grimace through the gross to get to the bottom of whatever's causing it, or in some instances, get to know the person beneath the gross.

All in all, she's genuine. She's not diluted by any of the nastiness in the world, and while she's got a little sarcasm and anger in her, overall she's a sweet girl who is smart, creative, and curious. She views the world with real curiosity and a longing to know more, and she approaches things with an open-mindedness rarely seen this day and age.

Abilities, Weaknesses, and Power Limitation Suggestions: As stated before, Rapunzel's hair is magic. It glows when she sings, and it can heal any injury, as well as reverse aging. It's also incredibly strong, (also FREAKING LONG) and she uses it to tie people up, swing out of danger, or whip things out of people's hands. It's kind of nuts. ANYWAY limitations, probably she won't be able to heal any lethal wounds. she could in canon, but if her hair doesn't work as well, that's cool.

Inventory: uh. 70ft of hair, one(1) purple dress, one(1) frog chameleon companion (IF IT'S COOL FOR HER TO HAVE PASCAL?).
Appearance: While Rapunzel is a very pretty young woman, that is not exactly the first thing a person notices about her. No, the first thing you'll notice is the 70 feet of golden hair streaming down her back and behind her, or gathered in her arms, or however she may have it. She tends to hide in her hair, almost, and it is very obscuring of her features. Once you get past the hair, though, she is very pretty indeed, with soft features, large green eyes, very slender, and with pale skin. She's always wearing a light purple dress with sleeves and a low neckline, and never wearing shoes.

Age: 18
OC/AU Justification ;
If AU, How is Your Version Different From Canon, and How Will That Come Across?
If OC, Did You Run Your Character Through a Mary-Sue Litmus Test?
And What Did You Score? Samples ;

Log Sample: There's silence for a moment, before the transporter activates, and a shrill scream pierces the still as a girl with long long blonde hair comes tumbling out onto the sterile platform of the station. She crashes to the ground, her hair settling over her body like a blanket, and she lays still for a long moment, before jerking herself upwards and looking around, wide green eyes looking around, terrified. After a long quiet moment she slowly pushes herself to her feet, gathering her hair in a loop, desperately wishing she had her frying pan.

"E-Eugene?" she called out hesitantly, wincing a little as the sound of her own voice echoed back at her. Had her mother done this, somehow? She had never expected her mother to know magic, she was just some wicked woman who had stolen her away as a baby, but maybe she was a witch, too? After killing Eugene had she banished Rapunzel to this terrifyingly barren place? She pulled her arms closer to herself as she considered the possibility. She could have saved him, if she'd only been given the chance, but the wicked woman had taken that away, hadn't she? Rapunzel let out a quiet whimper, trying not to cry. She needed to figure out where she was, now. Because what the weird disembodied voice had told her earlier simply couldn't be true. She needed to find some way to get away, and back to Corona. If Eugene was lost, then maybe... she could find her parents again.

Network Sample:

[the video clicks on, and there's a brief flash of a giant green eye, before the bracelet adjusts and zooms out to show Rapunzel carefully poking at the interface. She squints a little at it, before moving her hand away]

Um, hello? I was told... I was told that this bracelet would let me talk to people here? Can anyone hear me? This doesn't feel right. I'm talking to a bracelet. What do you think, Pascal?

[a little green chameleon crawls out from where he's been chilling behind the curtain of Rapunzel's hair and he squints at the bracelet around her wrist for a moment, before he looked up at her, giving her a look and making a slight noise, which she seems to understand, because she sighs, and nods her head.]

You're probably right. All right. Let's see if we can find someone to help us.

[There's some further fiddling with the bracelet, and then the feed ends.]